We're out to reshape the economy by advancing women through entrepreneurship.
And it starts with you.

Think of us as your business sidekick, focusing on building your capability as a founder. Helping you to navigate barriers and give you the best chance of reaching your full economic potential. 

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Challenging the Status Quo

Perth | Wednesday 25th May

The 5 Pillars of High Performance

Online | Tuesday 31st May

PR Strategies to
Help Grow Your Business

Perth | Wednesday 8th June

Let’s be clear.

This is not a “networking group”.

We’re adding much needed diversity and levelling the playing field for female founders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. There are key barriers female founders predominately face and we aim to help them navigate and overcome these effectively through our business growth programs and our engaged, connected community of empowered women.

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Marketing budgets can be tight especially when you’re in small business, so we’ve compiled ways you can promote and grow our brand without spending too much.  Everything in this we have tried and implemented either ourselves or for our clients. So we know that they work.

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Being told they didn't fit the ideal beauty standard is what led Benjamyn Gardner to start AntiBeauty, their mission driven beauty brand that’s out to educate consumers on what real beauty is.

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24, May 2022

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Female Founders | Colleen Callander: Award Winning CEO

03, May 2022

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Join the Community

Designed to give you what you need most to keep moving forward. Access practical skills, training, community and the support you need in one place.


What could you achieve with a like minded female founder community by your side?

Female Focused Programs

Purpose built to specifically address the colliding problems within the ecosystem and the lack of female representation in accelerators and incubators.


Designed by women for women, with the implicit barriers in mind, combined with the flexibility and support founders need to grow a profitable, innovative business in a sustainable way. 

We are not about going as fast as you can. The focus is on consistent business growth and sustained support.


Being part of this amazing group has given me support and a sense of community. 

The accountability sessions really pushes me to hit my personal goal.

The question is…

Are you ready to reimagine what it means to be a female founder?

*Behind the Brands uses an inclusive definition “female” and “women” and we welcome trans people, women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who identify, have identified, or have been identified as female, women, or non-binary.