3 Ways to be Mindfully Stylish

 1. Let go of clothing items that no longer serve you
Are there some clothing items from your past that you are holding onto even though you know that you will never wear them again? Are you spending time replaying how you used to look or dress over in your head, instead of celebrating and embracing how you look right now in the present? Whatever it is, it’s likely doing more harm to your happiness than good. It’s time to let the past stay where it belongs, in the past!

Take action: write down why you are holding onto those items. You don’t have to share this with anyone so write the honest truth. Once you have done that, next write down how you would feel or what you think would happen if you were to take those clothes out of your wardrobe and give them to someone else or donate them. What would happen? Why would whatever you foresee happening be a problem to you? Lastly, write down what would have to happen for you to move on and let go of these items.

Now, take some time to reflect on what that is. If it’s something you can change in the present, take steps to make that change! If it’s something that when you read it back to yourself sounds a bit ridiculous or unnecessary, then you’ve still got your answer: it’s time to move forward and let go of those clothes. Once you do this there will be a magnificent space created both in your mind and in your wardrobe for new and wonderful items to enter your life!

2. Practice saying positive affirmations
Positive affirmations are statements that you can say to yourself as words of encouragement or support to help you focus on how you want to be perceived and how you want to look and feel in your style. This can be particularly powerful when you are shifting towards a new way of dressing or a new style that is more true to who you are in the present than who you were many years ago.

Do you want to feel more comfortable and happy in your style? Tell yourself that you are comfortable and happy (“I am comfortable and happy in the way that I dress”). Do you want to be less worried about what people think about what you wear? Say to yourself, “I dress in a way that is authentic to who I am as a person, when I dress this way, I am calm and relaxed. I am stepping into my power.”

Your brain has a funny way of taking what you say to it as reality. So whilst you may be a bit nervous about wearing something that you’ve never worn before, simply saying the words “calm” and “relaxed” can remind your brain of what it’s like to be in that state and therefore help to bring about that feeling inside your body.

Take action: stand in front of a mirror once or twice a day and say to yourself “I comfortable and happy in the way that I dress” and “I dress in a way that is authentic to who I am as a person, when I dress this way, I am calm and relaxed. I am stepping into my power.” Do this for one week. Reflect on how you feel after the 7 days. Do you feel more relaxed and happy? Do you feel like you believe what you are saying now more than you did on day 1? It can take up to a few weeks or months to start to notice a difference, but if it helps you relax and feel comfortable in the way that you dress even 1% more than before, it’s worth it right?!

3. Have an attitude of gratitude when someone compliments you
Gratitude is not a new concept by any means, but it is definitely something that we can easily forget when we don’t feel good about ourselves or our style. Having an attitude of gratitude is something that takes practice. The great thing is that once you start to practice gratitude that practice becomes a habit and that then becomes an attitude.

When someone compliments you on the way that you are dressed, thank them. Don’t go into a self-defeating speech about how you don’t look that great or how you hate this and that about yourself. Appreciate the compliment. Acknowledge the person for taking the time to say something nice to you. It’s not arrogant. Rather it’s repaying the kindness toward someone that has been kind to you.

Take action: The next time someone takes the time to compliment you (note: it doesn’t even have to be about what you’re wearing or how you are carrying yourself), simply say “thank you.”

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