4 Marketing Practices You Need to Stop…

Scenario: You meet someone at an event, chat to them and begrudgingly hand over your business card, so you don’t appear rude. The week after you receive an email from said person and discover you’ve been added to their mailing list. Email goes along the lines of:

“We met recently at xyz event and you gave me your card, so I’ve added you to my mailing list as I took you giving me your card as a sign you’d want to receive weekly content from me!”.

Marketing Practices You Need to Stop

Stop the (insert expletive) right there. Back up. Since when did giving someone your business card indicate that they are interested in being added to a mailing list? Can you guess what my number one annoyance is?


1. Adding people to your mailing list after you connect on LinkedIn or in person

I’ve signed up to a very small number of mailing lists. (maybe 5???) I try to keep them to industry based ones. Nothing irks me more when I receive and email from a mailing list I have not subscribed to. This is simply called spam.

Just because someone has connected with you on LinkedIn or handed over their business card, does not give you the right to add them to your mailing list. STOP.


2. Overusing Marketing Automation

You’ve been to a website, downloaded an e-book, cheat sheet or whatever, and as soon as you have, the emails start rolling in.

I know these are lead magnets and now I’m part of a nurture campaign, but why does it feel like these have become so aggressive?

The other day I was on a well-known companies website who has CRM/marketing software and I downloaded some latest stats I was interested in and within 5 minutes they started calling me. For the love of god…frickin why! Can you not just leave me alone to read the stats I downloaded.

And businesses wonder why they have such high unsubscribe rates. Consumers don’t want to be yelled at (this is how I feel when I receive 10 emails in 5 days from a nurture campaign.)


3. Relying Solely on Social Media

Yes, I get that it can seem cost effective (is it really??), but the fact is social media alone is not going to get you all the sales you need. You need to take a holistic approach to marketing and there are plenty other free or cost effective tactics you can use.

Marketing Practices You Need to Stop


3. Sharing Content from Instagram to Facebook

If I follow you on Instagram and Facebook and you post the exact same content on both, day in day out, why is it I would continue to follow you on both social media platforms?

This is a lazy way of using social media and it’s likely you have slightly different target audiences on both.

To succeed in marketing in your business you need to build trust, first impressions do count and it’s very hard to win people back.

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