5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Style

So here’s the thing, like many of my clients that have come to me looking to improve their style and boost their confidence, your current style may also be costing you more than you realise. I’m talking confidence, self-belief, courage, time, money and opportunity. Our personal style affects the way we walk, talk and the opportunities that we say yes (or no) to. Every time you open up your wardrobe full of “nothing to wear” and settle for throwing something on “that’ll do”, you’re giving yourself permission to accept less than your best.

I hear you, life can be BUSY. We all have so much on our plates. We’re always on the go, looking after kids, working on our careers/bizz, cooking, cleaning, nursing, counselling, exercising (the list goes on…). Any spare time you do have, you want to spend it relaxing with family and friends. You don’t want to spend hours and hours trying to shop for something new but not being able to find anything because you aren’t sure about what suits you or what you want your style to be, or spend even more time trying to clean out your wardrobe but being unsure what to keep or what to get rid of so you just slam the doors shut and leave it for some other time, right?!

So how do you break free from this dilemma? Well read on lovely lady, coz I’ll be giving you 5 tried and tested strategies that you can apply to improve your personal style today!

  1. Discover What You Really Love to Wear

Figure out what clothing items make you feel good when you wear them. Focus especially on those that make you happiest and confident. One way to recognise which items these are is to keep track of what you wear and how you feel in a journal. This doesn’t have to be an essay by any means, it can simply be dot points listing what you wore, what colour it was and how it made you feel by the end of the day. This will help you to discover what colours and styles you are most comfortable in and will help you to get rid of those items that make you feel BLEH (or meh, or crappy, or blah…you get what I mean)!

  1. Learn Something New About Fashion

Do your research. Learn about a new brand or designer that interests you. Read a fashion book or watch a YouTube video or documentary about the history of fashion. Introducing new ideas and patterns of thought will make your brain happy and make it easier for you to remove old ways of thinking about fashion and style, making it easier to get out of that style rut we can all get stuck in sometimes! Learning new skills or building your knowledge and understanding of new things can also enhance your creativity. It’ll also give you something interesting to talk about next time you meet a new client or contact, or catch up with an old friend or colleague, which can increase your confidence.

  1. Purchase Quality Clothing and Take Care of It!

Learning to select quality clothing items is a valuable skill to have when purchasing clothing. Not only will you save money (by not having to buy the same thing 3 months later because it ripped the second time you wore it) but quality items also tend to fit us better and sit nicely on our bodies. What makes an item ‘good quality’ you ask? There are a number of things, but it mainly comes down to the material (thicker fabrics are generally more durable), the garment seams/stitching (crooked seams or loose threads are a bad sign) and lining (lined items tend to last longer). Another biggie is garment care – follow the instructions on the tag! No tag? I have a handy little table that I’ve developed as part of my mindyourstyle guides that I give my clients as part of their sessions that you can refer to if you’re ever in doubt, but if you don’t have access to that just yet you can do a quick Google search or ask your local dry cleaner for advice.

  1. Follow Style Accounts and Blogs for Inspiration

One of the best ways to reignite your style is to get inspired by possibilities! I recommend following a few Style Bloggers on social media that you like the ‘vibe’ of (i.e. the clothes that they wear, what they stand for, what their lifestyle is etc.) and/or any labels or stores that you would like to find out more about. You could also get onto Pinterest or Polyvore and explore different looks there. Save photos of what you love on your phone or in a folder on your computer. Once you’ve saved a few photos, you’ll start to notice a theme. For example, when I did this for myself recently I noticed that I was drawn toward things that had a bit of metallic detail in them or were in bold colours. Once you’ve done this, keep an eye out for similar items in stores. Or better yet, you might find you already have a lot of similar items sitting in your wardrobe that you’d forgotten about!! WINNING!

  1. Have a Personal Styling Session

Gone are the days of personal stylists being reserved for those living the luxurious or celebrity lifestyle. In this fast paced, busy world, many of us are becoming increasingly time poor. The last thing we want to do on our weekends is run around the shops winding through the streaming crowds and loud music, all to be overwhelmed with choice and wind up coming home empty handed or with more of the same. A personal styling session removes all of that unnecessary drama and hassle, saving you precious time, money – it’s more affordable nowadays than you might think – and sanity!!! Imagine turning up to a series of stores with everything already pre-selected and put on hold, ready for you to try on. You have your own independent style expert to help you along the way, and no pressure to purchase anything unless YOU want to! All you have to do is show up, try things on and choose what you love! Want to learn about what to look for in stores but not buy anything on the day because you’d rather go at your own pace and buy something every payday? That’s totally fine! Want to buy everything on one day so that you don’t have to worry about shopping for the rest of the year? That’s fine too! The choice is yours. All you need to do is give yourself permission to invest in yourself, because you my dear one are worthy of looking and feeling your best!

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