5 Things To Try This Month

Before you roll your eyes and say “great, more stuff to try this month”, hear us out. You don’t have to try all of them, just pick one! The entrepreneurial journey is tough, lonely and amazing at the same time, but we can get firmly stuck in a rut or in our comfort zone, so it’s time to do something different that you haven’t done before or helps you to push your business to that next level, even if it’s just a teeny step forward.

Get PR Opportunities Yourself

Who knows your business better than you! Being featured in say the local paper can do wonders for your business. And let’s face it media is expensive if you have to pay for it. Write a media release about you and your business, head to sourcebottle.com for opportunities or even ask to guest contribute on a blog.

Complete One of Your Too Hard Basket Tasks

How many times do we look at our to do list and complete and check off the easy items? Guilty! We all have never ending tasks and when we complete the easy ones, we never get that feeling of accomplishment. Pick one time consuming, too hard task to do once a week and actually complete it! Set aside time and dig and go for it. Guaranteed when you’re finished you will feel invincible and a sense of accomplishment. How great will it feel to strike that task off your list that’s been hanging around for months and months!

Do A Live Facebook Video

Come on if you haven’t done a Facebook live video yet, get in there and do it! It’s not scary, plan out what you’re going to say and press “go live”! Facebook live videos have way higher engagement that regular posts, so why aren’t you doing these for your business? They don’t have to be perfect, show the real you, the person behind the company. After all, people buy from people.

Say No

This is a skill to learn in itself and sometimes easier said than done, but once you master it, it feels great! We don’t need to be people pleasers. If you’ve got someone wanting to catch up for coffee and pick your brains but your swamped with work, say no. Requests for people’s time seem to be at an all time high. Stay productive, minimise your stress and simply say no.

Learn One New Thing

Business is constantly evolving and there are some super fast moving industries out there! As a business owner you need to evolve your business and what better way than upskilling. It could be a short course online or learn more about your accounting software, but it’s these littles things that can make all the difference.

Now get going!

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