Re-imagining what it means to be a female founder.

As a female founder, you deserve more.

Why we exist

The problem

Even though around 36% of entrepreneurs in Australia are female, women are struggling to survive in the business environment given the challenges we face.


From lack of funding, balancing responsibilities, fear of failure, building a support system and lack of knowledge, it’s clear why there is an underrepresentation of women in entrepreneurship.

Our mission

To provide an ecosystem and community that supports female founders to grow profitable and sustainable businesses.

Because we are you, we know first hand the barriers female founders face.

We're all about backing you, the founder

Whether you are just starting out or ready to take your business to the next level, we provide a foundation for your development, a place where you can connect, gain confidence, have higher level conversations and access the knowledge, practical tools, mentors, advisors and the support you need to build a high growth innovative business. 


We’re an inclusive and diverse community, and whilst we are committed to advancing women through entrepreneurship, all gender identities are welcome. We promise you are welcome here, and will find a community built on kindness, determination and support.

Our Founder

Behind the Brands was founded by Megan Del Borrello, a professional marketer, corporate escapee and entrepreneur. 


In 2014, after facing gender discrimination and with a 6 week old, Megan left her corporate gig as a Managing Director, and cofounded a marketing agency that quickly grew to a mid 6 figure business. 


Named as one of Inside Small Businesses Top 50 Small Business Leaders in 2019, Megan has over 20 years marketing experience,  is an Alumni of WA Leaders and previous board member of 100 Women


She has been a speaker for various seminars, business associations and private companies including Accelerator for Women, Women in Business Forum, Big Ideas Rural, City of Canning, City of Melville, Willetton Senior High School, APSMA, Nifnex, Reece Plumbing, Swimming Pools & Spas Association of WA, Master Painters Association and contributes and features in the media on a regular basis.



In November 2020, in partnership with the City of Canning, Megan held the Women in Business Forum that brought together over 150 like-minded women from across Perth at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey to learn, connect and be inspired. And it was quite possibly the only conference held in person during the pandemic.


As a Mum of two , Megan knows first-hand how challenging being a female founder is. And it’s this reason that she is pushing to change the narrative, breaking down the barriers and creating a visible influential network of female founders.

Our Ambassador

Grace Mugabe CPA is a financial literacy expert, experienced Management Accountant and CEO of Financially Empowered, a for-purpose enterprise that empowers women by equipping them with financial literacy skills. 


Financially Empowered provides small business CFO services, financial education training and systems implementation services training to women led enterprises.


In the 2019, Grace was a finalist in the Women in Finance Awards for the ‘Women’s Community Program of the Year’ recognizing her Money Matters for Migrants initiative. She has previously been awarded a grant & scholarship from the Layne Beachley Foundation to help her create financial literacy workshops and resources for migrant women in Australia. In addition, she was finalist in the 2017 United Nations Association of Australia (WA) ‘Excellence in Gender Equity Promotion’ Award.

The pillars of our ecosystem. 

Entrepreneurial Learning

Receiving the right knowledge is critical. We have a network of industry leaders, experts + advisors for you to learn from and access. 


Being mentored by those that have previously had accelerated growth is one of the key factors in female founders succeeding.  


A robust support system is essential for success. Our peer led network is a connected community of empowered women that will never let you feel like you’re alone. 

Insights + Inspiration

We’re passionate about highlighting female founders and sharing their stories to create greater visibility that inspires women to start a business or renew that motivation to keep going.

Collectively, we need to start doing things differently to give women led businesses the best chance of succeeding.

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*Behind the Brands uses an inclusive definition “female” and “women” and we welcome trans people, women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who identify, have identified, or have been identified as female, women, or non-binary.