Advice & Tips from Female Entrepreneurs

Being a female entrepreneur has its own sets of challenges. But lucky for us, women who have been before us, share their tips and advice.


Jacqueline Alliss is the owner of Appy Wedding

Appy Wedding is a one-stop shop for wedding planning! She started it because she wanted to ensure that brides-to-be can find trusted suppliers for their wedding because it’s not cheap to have a wedding.

Jacqueline has started a few businesses over the journey of her career. She started her first company when she was 21 (Jacqueline Alliss Casting – facilitating and organising the casting of actors for film/tv).

When she was 28 she put the casting on hold to start Monumental Management (talent agency). Now she is 32 and decided to dissolve the talent agency, run Jacqueline Alliss Casting again and started ‘Appy Wedding’.

Jacqueline’s advice…
It’s risky and scary to start your own business! But if you’re thinking about starting your own venture, I would so go for it and be prepared to succeed and be prepared to fail. Be prepared the most rewarding days of your life and some of the worst! Everything gets better and easier with time – and so do you! Every bump in the road is a challenge and a teachable moment that you will look back on.


Jacinta Richmond – Founder & Director of the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival

Jacinta Richmond is widely recognised as the Sunshine Coast based Fashion Industry pioneer who is bringing national and international attention to fashion industry creatives on the Coast and emerging talent nationally.

Here are Jacinta’s tips for female entrepreneurs.

1. Criticism is great!
Always thank them for being the one to take the time to let you know the issues. Without them, how could you improve? And think about what you could offer them to come back and let you know whether the issue has been solved or not.

2. Be flexible with your vision. You may believe it is one thing and want to stick to your guns, but sometimes in order to grow, you need to be flexible. For example, for our event, it was only ever going to be local designers and never retailers, but within 2 years, it was national designers who wanted to be our base market, then retailers beginning with Myer wanted in, and eventually just 4 years in, the international component came along. Our core market is now national and international.

3.Head down and bum up. Focus for 5 hours a day and you will get more done than in an 8 hour work day. If you work full time, commit to 5 hours each day on the weekend or 2hour each night. No interruptions!

4.Self educate constantly. Reading, podcasts, free business events.

5. Ditch the naysayers or simply don’t tell them. The naysayers and critics are always the ones that will come sucking back up to you later.

6. Pay attention to your budget. Where possible, rely on cash only. We have a rule that even if when we get sponsorship or grants, that we could still operate at the same or a better standard, without it. You can’t get yourself into a position where you are relying on haphazard funds coming in from others.


Stephanie McCurdy –

Stephanie McCurdy is a successful global business owner of Forever Living products. Stephanie has an Honours degree in Sport Science, Health & Nutrition and started her while on maternity leave helping others with their gut health. Stephanie changed her career from a successful Human Resources profession in the gold mining industry to pursuing her passion for helping others with their health.

As Steph says “Being a mom, a wife of a FIFO husband and a business owner, it’s imperative that we take time out to fill our own cup and regain some of our own identity.”

Steph shares her self care tips…

I’ve been pretty guilty in the past of losing myself wearing many hats, trying to be everything to everyone – the best Mum, wife, friend and build a successful business and something has to give. Unfortunately I, like a lot of women in my position, put myself last and sacrificed sleep, meals, exercise, even regular grooming as I didn’t have time and out my needs as a priority.

I remember not that long ago, I was on my way home from a client and was passing the beach and thought to myself I’ll pull in for a minute. It was absolute heaven until I remembered my kids were at home and I felt guilty for having that 2 minute pleasure and not taking them with me.

Sadly, that happens way too often to a lot of us. Self care to me means putting myself a priority again, rediscovering who I am again and what brings me joy and makes me feel alive!

Today I get a regular pedicure, go to boot camp 3 times a week – albeit before the kids wake up lol – and have a monthly facial and you know what? My kids haven’t regressed, my marriage hasn’t suffered, business is growing and I am happy and fulfilled.

My advice to others out there is go do what you want and take some time out, you’re worth it!!


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