Amber Renae – The Style Engineer Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

I personally think vision/mindset/mindfulness work makes up at least 70% of your success as a business owner.  If you can get your head straight, and eliminate all of your fears, stay focused and positive that’s the majority of the work done.  The Universe will do the rest for you.

Civil Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur, Fashion Editor and TV Presenter, Amber Renae draws on her vast life experience to motivate and empower her audiences. Amber is passionate about sharing her advice, wisdom and experiences to her peers and fans all over the globe and she has shared with Behind the Brands her top tips for female entrepreneurs.

  • Commit publicly to the venture. Making that commitment to start is the hardest part – so when you make a public announcement then you get accountability partners for free. Once you’ve done that, find a mentor or an e-course or blogs or videos or whatever you can on the venture you’re about to start and commit to learning everything there is to know.
  • Continued education is key – in fact it’s the reason why I turned over $100k in my first year in this business. The three words to success: Never Stop Learning.
  • About fear: “Heck yeah I had fear, everyone does. But its whether you let those fears overwhelm you or drive you are the determinate of your success in the end. There’s a great saying along the lines of: “The hero and the coward feel the same thing, it’s how the hero responds that’s different. Practice fear and you’ll” get better acting in the face of it.”
  • About cashflow: “The greatest challenge in almost all start-ups is cash flow. And unfortunately, as a creative, it’s typically the last thing we’re interested in focusing on. We want to do all the fun, creative stuff, but bookkeeping and accounting is about as far from fun as you can get in my opinion! So you need to prioritise this and schedule time to do it each and every week – or you need to outsource.”
  • About failure: “You learn more from failure than you do from success – don’t let it stop you. My first business went bankrupt and I was hospitalised with a whole host of health problems (Cancer unfortunately made that list, among other things). I could’ve let this stop me (in fact, I did for a couple years!) but when I chose to look back and learn the lessons from that time, I realized I learnt more from that period of hardship than any other time in my career. I now call that past business my MBA.”
  • About resilience: “You need to be able to withstand difficulties and disaster, because entrepreneurship is fraught with both! You need to train yourself to become exceptionally resilient and develop a high pain tolerance. I see so many people starting their businesses who get one or two knockbacks then deciding it’s all too hard! I see so many people starting their businesses who get one or two knockbacks then deciding it’s all too hard! I’ve had more knock-backs, disappointment, and rejection than the average person has had hot lunches. The reason why I’ve achieved this success is purely because I’ve gotten up just one more time than my competitors did.”


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