The Inside Story: Anoushka Marie – How the Social Media Influencer Started a Watch Company

My name is Anoushka Marie Strange and recently I was asked to speak at Behind the Brands, an amazing enterprise put together by the fantastic team at Gloss Marketing.

A little bit about myself, I am a wife, a mother to two daughters and a business owner. My own story of business starts back in 2014. As a creative outlet I started a beauty and inspirational YouTube channel. This was spurred on by work colleagues at the time begging me for makeup and general beauty advice. My background previous to this had been in the beauty industry, so starting a channel seemed like a great way to get my beauty fix. After establishing my own Channel under the name Anoushka Marie I begun to see growth in not only the You Tube channel but Instagram and Facebook. My Instagram quickly surpassed all my social channels. Six months into this journey and I began to receive offers to work with other brands as a spokesperson for their products and events. It was an exciting time!

Anoushka Marie remains a personal success for me and although I don’t have quite the time to invest as in the early days I continue on with my blog and Instagram. Let me tell you how my next company John Taylor Watches came into existence. I have two daughters Isabella and Lexie and they are amazing! Back in 2008 when my first child Isabella was six months old we received devastating news, our baby had bilateral Retinoblastoma (cancer of the eyes), the next two years were a blur of chemotherapy, laser therapy, the removal of her right eye and many other tests. Needless to say I was heartbroken. As time passed Isabella has grown into a beautiful young girl and we feel extremely blessed to have her in our family. Last year however, after thinking we were through the worst of her cancer journey, we received information that the right side of Isabella’s face was being affected by her current prosthetic. On the advice of specialists, we decided to seek further help from a leading team of experts in Los Angeles. We were faced with a $40,000 trip and we would need to revisit LA every two years for further treatment.

After many discussions and much prayer, my husband decided to use what was in our hands. With a passion for timepieces and for the love of our daughter John Taylor Watches was born. John was my husband’s grandfather who served in WWII and Taylor is our daughter’s middle name. From early 2016 to around June hours upon hours were spent researching, pouring over budgets, brand ideas, manufacturing obstacles and all other essential details that come with starting a business. In September 2016 we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get our community on board and to raise extra funds to actually start our busines s. 15 days into the Kickstarter campaign we had reached our goal of $25,000 and after the full 30 days we reached a total amount of $32,500. We have had great success in the first six months of launching. We have a product that we are extremely proud of and the support from the people of Perth and all over Australia has been overwhelming.

I could talk to you for hours on the ins and outs of business. There are many elements that help you reach success and I truly believe that success looks different for everyone. Business in all forms is hard work, there is no magic pill but having something that you have created yourself and breathed life into, when it does fly, is so rewarding! That sense of accomplishment and pride is incomparable. Creativity is huge, use the resources at your fingertips. Surrounding yourself with the right team is important, with people working to their strengths. Try different methods, don’t be afraid to step outside the box when it comes to your business strategy. And the last thought I would love to leave you with is that it is possible! Be brave, step out and have no regrets! Come and check us out on or visit me at I would love to hear from you!

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