Being a Mumpreneur: Solid Bricks

 Being a successful mumpreneur is all about equilibrium and harmony.  A juggling act – feeding your hungry child with one hand, signing a contract with the other.  If being a good mother is the hardest job in the world, try running a lucrative business at the same time.  Sound tricky?  Consider running multiple businesses with more than one child!  How do these women stop it all from spinning out of control?

Trust me, it can be done, and when you pull it off, the rewards are tremendous.  After all, as a Christian mother, I believe that you reap what you sow…

It’s about planning and being flexible, using your time positively, taking advantage of the hour before you have to pick up your boy or girl (maybe both) from preschool or school.  But it’s also crucial to find a little ‘you’ time.  To relax your body and mind when things are becoming too stressful.  You’re no use to anyone pulling your hair out in the corner of the room.

So how do you do it, you may ask?

A great business is built on strong foundations.  Having a well planned business venture is crucial, and adding bricks like trustworthy staff and great connections is critical in your businesses’ success.   Consider using these bricks as part of your business foundations:

  • Trust: The issue of trust within the cutting-edge business world – and in life in general – is a big concern. There will always be risk when undertaking a business venture, but you must realise that it will be the same for everyone else.  Surround yourself with the people who you want to spend time with; there’s no reason why business can’t be pleasurable, and working with a team of like-minded staff will help your cause – even more so as a mum.  Think of the people who have your back, and ensure that you have their backs too.  Extending your trust to others will inspire them to do the same for you.  Family always has to come first, so trusting your team to be where they should be when you need them to be there is imperative./li>
  • Encouragement: Encourage your employees – and on a daily basis! Encouragement helps grow and strengthen relationships.  Let your team feel valued, make them want to work for you, and not just for the paycheck.  You can never be too generous with your words of encouragement.
  • Leadership Skills: Be approachable and fair, but firm too.  Remember, you’re the boss!  You don’t have to rule like Genghis Khan to gain respect, but you do have to be assertive and confident in your decisions.  Be courageous in your plans – as a mom you have already dealt with childbirth, everything else is child’s play.  Show the world your strengths.
  • Inspiration: It never hurts to have somebody to look up to and gain inspiration for the tough slog ahead. Look at other Mumpreneurs and see what they have achieved.  If they did it, you can too.  But don’t stop there, why not be the inspiration for your employees?  Inspire them with insight, enthusiasm and vision.  Become the person who others look up to.  Employees want to see the person they are working for reaching out into the community and caring about their social influence.  Inspire your business and family to grow beyond making a healthy profit.

Having a great structure behind you will give you strength, whether it’s a husband, close family or a higher power.  Knowing that God is walking with me gives me the courage to carry on when the world seems like it’s falling apart around me.  For me, faith is a powerful foundation for everything that we will do.  Once solid foundations are in place, you will find the power to handle the practicalities of running your business, and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful Mumpreneur…


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