Alf the Label + Sophie Doyle on the successful growth...

By Sophie Doyle | Oct 23, 2020

2 min read

Starting a purely e-commerce brand was never my intention. Having a very basic understanding of retail when...Read More..

Vikki Maver | Refresh Marketing

By Behind the Brands | Oct 20, 2020

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Vikki Maver is a copywriter, content strategist, writing skills trainer and former lecturer for the Department of...Read More..

Rashida Tayabali

By Behind the Brands | Oct 14, 2020

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Rashida Tayabali is a website copywriter for women in business. She helps women entrepreneurs use the power...Read More..

I Effed Up…But Mama Didn’t Raise No Quitter

By Dee Jokanovic | Oct 12, 2020

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I effed up. I jumped in feet first without looking where I was going and it cost...Read More..

Simone Landes | The Lifestyle Suite

By Behind the Brands | Oct 6, 2020

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Simone Landes is the Founder and Director of The Lifestyle Suite – a business dedicated to working...Read More..

How my crazy dating experiences led to me becoming an...

By Karina Chapman | Oct 2, 2020

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My business journey started in the hair industry, however thirty years and a couple of salons later...Read More..

Nicola Rivett | Kids Eye Gear

By Behind the Brands | Sep 30, 2020

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Nicola Rivett is the founder and owner of Kids Eye Gear – a successful manufacturer, wholesaler and...Read More..

What I Learned As A Small Business Owner Going Through...

By Ben Lucus | Sep 28, 2020

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As small business owners you need to prepare everything, and after 12 years in business, trust me...Read More..

The Lifestyle Suite Journey

By Simone Landes | Sep 25, 2020

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I started my business in September 2013, 6 months out of a 17 year career in finance...Read More..

How ZADI weathered the COVID storm and kept their investors

By Adala Bolto | Sep 23, 2020

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It’s not news that the world has been hit hard by a global health pandemic and those...Read More..

5 Ways to Create Content from Research

By Nicola Rivett | Sep 21, 2020

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As business owners it’s important that we conduct research. We need to know what our customers think...Read More..

Gill Walker | Opsis

By Behind the Brands | Sep 17, 2020

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Gill Walker solves complex problems within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and ClickDimensions, challenges which often lead to...Read More..