Book Megan Del Borrello to Speak

Megan Del Borrello, has been in the game for over 17 years and has worked with numerous start-ups, small to medium enterprises and not for profits.

A member of the Australian Institute of Marketing she is also a media commentator and contributor.

Megan has previously spoken at:
  • Asia-Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association (now ICON)
  • Nifnex Festival of Learning
  • City of Gosnells
  • Master Painters & Decorators Association
  • District 32
  • Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia
  • MC's the Behind the Brands events quite often!

  • Women in Business
  • My personal journey of becoming an entrepreneur
  • Overcoming discrimination in business
  • Social Media
  • Small Business Marketing
To enquire about Megan speaking, contact her here.

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