BTB Raw – That Feeling of Being a Mumpreneur

The past couple of weeks I’ve felt like a mumpreneur. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just I thought I had moved on from that feeling. And for me being a mumpreneur is more of a feeling than the fact of having a business and child.

What led me to this? Well let me take you back! It was the weekend before the long weekend and I noticed my daughters voice changed slightly, which is always an indicator for me she is getting sick. On Monday’s I don’t “work”, it’s my day with her, we go to the café for breakfast, she has dancing and we do food shopping and errands. She was a little off balance at dancing and her nose was sniffly. Sure, enough that night she was restless and snotty. My Tuesday was packed and the thought of cancelling everything and not getting any work done filled me with dread. I was heading into a crazy hectic month.Tuesday is normally a kindy day as well!

Luckily enough my husbands job is flexible. He starts at 5am and worked till 9am and came home to look after our daughter. (on a side note, more Dads should be able to take personal leave days to look after sick kids, the responsibility should not solely fall with Mums) Generally when my daughter gets a cold she still wants to go full tilt and she was so excited she had the entire day with her Dad.

Wednesdays is Nonnas day. I have no qualms when my daughter is sick going to her Nonnas as I know her day will be filled with cuddles, essential oil massages and pasta. When we picked her up she seemed a lot better and was excited kindy was the next day. Then later that night…the seal started. For any parents whose kids have had croup, you know that dreaded and unmistakable cough.

I was up pretty much every hour with her, trying to calm her down. And all she could say was “But Mum, we already made my lunch for kindy.” Bless. Thursday was spent at the Doctors and then with a 3 ½ year old glued to me on the couch. Day cancelled. (I actually had to cancel 3 meetings)

Friday…thank fully not a kindy day that week but a Nonna day and we were headed into a long weekend. I can get through this. My husband said for me to work Saturday and Monday (hmmm this is another story…he wants to be a house Dad, so is always like “yes work!”) But then Friday afternoon I started to feel sick and bam…this mumpreneur went down with a cold…and hard. So bad that I couldn’t go to one of my closest friends 30th birthday party.

I spent the ENTIRE weekend in bed. My body gave up on me, or was it that I gave up on my body by not looking after it the past few months? That week I worked from home, I was still sick and really behind in my work. I once heard someone say that as an entrepreneur, business owner or what ever you want to call us, that we must look after our health and wellbeing as when we go down, the ship goes down.

Oh, and did I mention that after the long weekend the Tuesday was a pupil free day. Essentially, I just had 5 working days wiped.

This brings me to today. I am sitting in my home office, constrained to it again as the puppy was desexed yesterday. And all he wants to do is cuddle, it’s like a second child. So this is why I am feeling like a mumpreneur, because my last two weeks have been dictated and scheduled around the human child and the puppy child, all while I am still trying to run two businesses, cook dinner and exercise!

I am lucky I have a husband that is domesticated, in fact he tells me not to bother with the washing as I do it wrong and that he knows when I’ve rushed home and out again as it’s like the trail of a cyclone.

To all the working Mumma’s out there, props to you. We all know how hard it is and the challenges we face. As long as you know you’re not alone, and you’re doing a wonderful job.

P.S. How unproductive are kindy hours for working parents.

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