BTB Raw – A Little Bit of Stress is Not a Bad Thing

What the hell is with people using mobile phones when they are driving? This has really started to irritate me the number of irresponsible people I see driving all over the place looking at their phones.

There is function called “Siri” and another called “Bluetooth” and when you combine them together it goes a little something like this…

Me: “Hey Siri…read messages”

Siri: “You have 2 new messages. Message from (insert name)”

And then Siri reads my messages to me! If I need to send someone a message that simply can’t wait, I say. “Hey Siri, send message to (insert name)” No taking my eyes off the road happened in all of that!

So, let me tell you about my week and the reason for this rant. I have been nearly cleaned up 3 times in the past 7 days. One of them pretty major that it left my blood boiling and me shaking for a good hour. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was driving home from the city with my husband and almost 4 year old. I noticed a car behind me weaving in and out of traffic and then right up my ass. I should say that I was in the left hand lane just started to go over the Mt Henry Bridge as my exit was next. The cars in front of me started to brake (that’s another annoyance, why do so many people brake for no reason???) so I started to brake and then I noticed the car behind me getting closer. I thought “wtf why is she riding my ass”, then I realised she was looking down at her phone and wasn’t even braking. The stupid f*^&ing idiot because she was too busy on her phone was still going 100 km/h and about to crash into the back of me. I had no where to go.

I started beeping my horn and yelling (duh as if she could hear me) and she finally looked up, literally a few centimetres from my car, swerved into the next lane and then sped off. My anger! All I could think of was my daughter in the back seat and then why are people such blatant dickheads. (I was thinking of a much harsher word but you get the point)

What is so important on your phone that you have to look at it when you’re driving. Can you not pull over?

Ok so then I’m driving in the city up the back of Royal Perth going around the bend and some older man who is also on his phone goes through the give way sign and almost side swipes me. Arghhhhh. I yell “get the f*&% off your phone”.

The 3rd incident had nothing to do with phones but an elderly lady in a carpark who just reversed out on me. She probably shouldn’t be driving.

So, what does this have to do with business? Well it’s a little thing called STRESS. When you’re running a business, you’re strapped for time, trying to manage everything, these things can really set you off and compact the stress you’re already feeling.

A little bit of stress is not a bad thing, I actually think you need a small amount, it makes you a more effective thinker and improves your coping mechanism. But what happens when the stress you have isn’t related to your business but starts affecting you in the business?

You can do what I did and go home and have a stiff drink. 😊 Walking the dog doesn’t so much relieve stress anymore as he is a crazy puppy that prefers to lay at the park and eat a tree.

I think I might invest in a dash cam as well and compile a video of Perth’s worst drivers.

I’d love to hear about your week!

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