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Now’s the Time to Spring Clean Your Life Admin!

By Caroline Guillemian-Brunne | Sep 12, 2019

2 min read

Spring is here, which means most people are thinking about spring cleaning their homes, but it is...Read More..

How To Get Your Wardrobe Bring Out The Best In...

By Angela Barbagallo | Aug 4, 2019

3 min read

Dressing with confidence is a great way to make a first impression. Easier said than done you...Read More..

What’s On Her Desk

By Behind the Brands | Mar 17, 2019

7 min read

Have you ever looked at your desk (in all its messiness or order!) and wondered what other...Read More..

Books you Need to Read as a Female Entrepreneur

By Megan Del Borrello | Dec 23, 2018

3 min read

Do you make time to read every week? For me I like nothing more than a soak...Read More..

Amber Renae – The Style Engineer Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

By Amber Renae | Oct 6, 2018

2 min read

I personally think vision/mindset/mindfulness work makes up at least 70% of your success as a business owner. ...Read More..

Our Six Favourite Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

By Behind the Brands | Aug 24, 2018

3 min read

Podcasts are one of our favourite ways to gain new knowledge, learn from others and gain motivation...Read More..

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Style

By Monika Vuksan-Cusa | Mar 21, 2018

4 min read

Your style can often have more of an impact on our confidence than you'd like to think....Read More..

Using Colour to Dress More Mindfully

By Monika Vuksan-Cusa | Feb 25, 2018

2 min read

Monika shares how colours affect and empower you to dress more mindfully.Read More..

3 Ways to be Mindfully Stylish

By Monika Vuksan-Cusa | Jan 17, 2018

3 min read

How you dress can often affect your level of confidence and how you portray yourself. Learn to...Read More..

Tips On Balancing Business and Life

By Cara Little | Aug 11, 2017

4 min read

Balancing business and life is difficult for any person. It tests you to a limit where you...Read More..

Dress For Success: The Importance Of Personal Image In Business

By Peta Preston | Aug 1, 2017

3 min read

If we can influence the way people perceive us through our style, we have the power to...Read More..