Frequently Asked Questions


  • Not at all! We're an inclusive and diverse community, and whilst we are committed to advancing women through entrepreneurship, all gender identities are welcome

  • We have founders from all types of industries including professional services, e-commerce, product based and food to name a few. They all have one thing in common - ambition to have a high growth business. 

  • Whilst our programs focus on early stage start ups and the growth phase, our membership is an option for those that are aspiring to be founders 

  • If you hold the same values as we do and are committed to seeing change, then email and let's see what we can do together!

  • We've got members across the entire lifecycle of business as well as all different industries. There are some you'll find that are further along or that have even exited as well as pivoted. 


  • We have in person events currently in Perth as well as a number of virtual events each year. 


    Events are only a small part of what we offer. 

  • Whilst we do hold some member only events, we have events open to non members as well. 

    Members receive a 50% discount (and sometimes free) on tickets to events that are open to everyone. 


    PLUS...members are able to purchase 2 x additional tickets for guests at member prices. 

  • Just email us with the changes and we'll sort it for you. 

  • No probs, just email us at and let us know what your dietary requirements are and we'll sort it for you. 

  • Oh no, that's a bummer! You can totally transfer your ticket to another guest, please just email us at to let us know. 


    All event bookings are non-refundable and cannot be credited towards another event or product.

  • We're always looking for people with amazing stories to tell that inspire our audience as well as give a true insight into entrepreneurship. 


    If you're interested in speaking at one of our events please email your bio and speaker kit to and we will be in touch. 




  • Whilst we don't provide refunds you can cancel at anytime. Because we're month to month your membership will finish at the end of your billing cycle. (although we don't think you'll want to cancel as you'll love the membership!)

  • Absolutely! Our membership is designed to be virtual, so you are able to join from anywhere. 


    We also run some of our programs virtually. 

  • We offer a number of one year membership scholarships for underrepresented founders or founders with financial need. Please head here to apply. 

    We greatly respect our scholarship recipients privacy and will keep your details secret. 



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