Female Founders Program

A 12 month program for established founders seeking high growth & future success.

Applications are on a rolling basis for the program kick off in February 2022.

Are you an ambitious female founder?

Great! We’re so happy to have found you. 


We’ve created an ecosystem & community that supports and facilitates the growth of female-led businesses.


Our 12 month Female Founders Program for established founders has been designed so you can access everything you need to accelerate growth or scale-up, in a sustainable way. 


Our program framework is flexible as we’ve created it specifically around the unique challenges female founders face. (we know this first hand!) Women build businesses differently. 


Suitable for product, service based, online and tech businesses.


We meet you exactly where you are with your business and tailor the program to suit.

As a female founder you deserve more.

More support and definitely more funding. You deserve to build an influential network, have more opportunities and make more money. And 100% you deserve a high growth business. 


You deserve your fair share. And that’s where we come in, to help make it easier for you to take what you deserve. 

Create your next chapter with mentorship + accountability + growth.

12 Month Program

Blended learning in person and online, with monthly training, accountability and mentoring to grow your business.

Female Founder Focused

Our structured growth framework is designed for female founders by female founders and will have an immediate impact on your business.

Personalised Training

At the start of the program we create a tailored plan for the unique needs of you the founder and meet you exactly where you're at in business.

Expert Mentors

You'll be matched with a mentor so you can receive strategic ongoing guidance. Our mentors are diverse and have years of entrepreneurial & business experience.

Workshops by Industry Experts

Learn from experts across business topics such as marketing, finance, HR & operations. They'll share their knowledge and resources.


One of the foundations of the program, you'll join a group of 4 other founders for monthly accountability and peer to peer mentoring sessions.

Cohort Experience

Benefit from the connection, knowledge exchange and support of an industry agnostic peer group who have the same ambition as you.

Demo Day

At the end of the program you'll have the opportunity to showcase your business and your progress to our network of industry influencers and advisors.


You'll have all the inclusions of our membership from additional resources, on demand masterclasses, virtual coworking & events plus more.

The program will help you to solidify your business model, learn best practices and focus on what’s important, expand your network and give you the strategies and tools to overcome growth challenges.  

Our program is for you if:

Have an established business that you are in full time.

Have been in business at least 2 years.

Are the Founder, CEO or minimum 50% owner of the business.

Have annual revenue of at least $200,000.

You've seen good growth in your business and are ready to be propelled to the next level.

You have an understanding of your business model and target audience.

You want to scale up but don't know how.

You want to increase your businesses visibility and grow your influence.

You're ready to work more on your business and not in it and truly become the CEO.

You want to be supported but challenged at the same time.

You're open to honest and direct feedback about your business and are highly coachable.

Are committed to showing up to EACH session and to set aside time to implement what you've learnt. (we do understand things happen though!)

Are ready to invest in yourself to progress the success you deserve.

As your business continues to grow, you need to keep up-levelling.

Our 12 month facilitated program with a curated group of established business owners was created to help female founders massively up level their 6 figure businesses.


Plus you’ll experience…

Closeknit Community

A community of like-minded and supportive women who have your back no matter what challenges, or successes, your day, or month, may bring. You will also have the opportunity to be part of other women’s support system and their success.

Strategies for Action

Learn how to step out of the day-to-day operations and into the CEO role of your business. Discover new strategies that aren't overwhelming and that are the right balance that give you breathing space to focus on the big picture and envision where you want to be and how to get there.


Get unstuck stuck and find the motivation you need while going through the growing pains of your business. This is a space for you to step out of your comfort zone and find new perspectives from other female founders who are at the same level as you or where you want to be.

Growth + Uplevelling

Keep moving forward, deepen your capacity and achieve breakthrough success. What got you where you are is not guaranteed to get you to the next level. Our Female Founders Program facilitates high-level brainstorming sessions that are appropriate for your business’s ever-changing needs.

Cultivating the right mindset, sparking the right ideas, setting the right goals and relying on the right accountability methods is what makes all the difference.

When I started the process of applying to be part of the  mentoring program we had to write down 2-3 goals to achieve. I was not sure what to write, so I reached into the back of my mind and pulled out one thing that I have been thinking about. To win an award for my product. With the regular meetings and catch up’s I felt I needed to make progress on this goal. 


So I took one step at the time, researched, wrote submissions and the machinery was in action. I now enjoy the honour of having received 2 sliver medals, 2 gold medals and a Champion and reserve champion medal for my Nordic Crackers and most recently a gold medal and Best in Class at the Australian Food Awards. 


If it had not been for the mentoring program my dream of having an award winning product would still be on the list of things to do one day. Thanks to the structure, encouragement and my own hard work I now have multiple awards to show for it.”

Mette Nielsen

Founder of Mette is Baking

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Applicants must identify as female and hold the position of Founder, Co-Founder, Owner or Director. 
  • Applicants must live in Western Australia. 
  • The business must have been operating for at least 2 years. 
  • The business has an Australian Business Number and is registered for GST. 
  • The business has had a minimum turnover of $200,000 last financial year. 

Mid February. The exact date will be announced soon.

Applications open 2 months before the program commences and are completed online. 

When applications open you will be asked to complete a short form and questionnaire. 

They close 3 weeks prior to the program commencing. 

$7000 for the 12 months. Although part of the program fee will be funded. The exact cost for participants is to be determined. 

Each cohort will be capped at 25 female founders. 

We are looking for female founders that will commit to the program, attend at least 85% of all training and mentoring sessions and execute what is taught. 

We understand that life does get in the way and unexpected circumstances do arise, but otherwise there is no excuse not to focus on your business as we require execution. 

Applications are reviewed by our panel of mentors to ensure that the final participants selected will benefit from it the most.

Yes, but they have to apply separately. 

You will be sent terms of engagement to read and sign to finalise your program place. 

Are you ready to build an extraordinary business?

Our inaugural cohort commences in February 2022, with applications now open.