Got Your Own Design Ideas? Run With It!

By Rebecca Tichbon

I can understand that paying for graphic design can be a bit of expense when starting out in business, even though professional-looking design is essential. I’m just lucky I have my own print and design business!

There are plenty of apps and online tools to help you with your design. Here are a couple you could take a look at…

WordSwag claims their app ‘is like having a graphic designer in your pocket’. Since the app is used on your phone – I guess they are right! This is a simple app to create beautiful posts for your social media. Here is WordSwag on Instagram.

WordSwag allows you to easily place your product or screenshot of your webpage into an image of an electronic device as if someone is interacting with your webpage or purchasing your product. It takes away time-consuming photoshopping to create images for use in marketing is a video development tool to help you to create videos to use on social media or webpages. You select a design you like, import your own photos as you wish and the completed video is sent to you in an email.

Shakr is a popular design tool. It has templates to help design a range of documents and perform photo editing.canva

Of course, it can be time-consuming to develop your own design work, but these applications can assist to make it a smooth process and lead you in your creativity to produce some professional-looking pieces. There are also some pretty inexpensive online courses out there to help you learn to use them.

When you have created your documents and you want them printed (e.g. flyers), I can recommend to take them to a local print and design store. Not just because I own one! But because I want to see all of your hard work in design pay off with a professional looking result. One reason to visit the print and design store is that often this is more cost-effective than using a home office printer. The other reason to do so is that you can then use the graphic designer to check your design work and make quick and simple changes necessary to ensure the print results are good. For instance, sometimes colours look fantastic on the computer screen but can come out darker in print – the graphic designer can ensure this won’t be a problem. The local print store can also recommend which paper to use, etc for a great result. You don’t get this advice and support by printing yourself or using an online print store. Plus, supporting local is always a great thing to do!

One last word of warning. When looking at using these types of applications, be sure to read the T&Cs. Many of these graphic design apps are for personal use only, and it can be illegal to use them for business purposes or you may have to purchase a commercial license.

Have fun with some creative design!

PS – I don’t have any affiliation with these app creators

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