How Kiri’s journey to skin health led her to start her business.

If you met me today, you probably wouldn’t guess that only a few years ago my skin was one of my biggest concerns. At times it ruled my emotions and took over my life. During the most severe flare-ups I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house.


Sparked by serious underlying health issues, my skin went from normal to unbearable almost overnight. So began my search for a solution. My skin reacted to many common irritants in skincare. I knew my skin needed help to return to its healthy balance. I was looking for an ultra gentle skincare range that contained key active ingredients, but couldn’t find one. Thus, AMPERNA® was born.


AMPERNA® skincare is holistic and effective, driven by my deep personal understanding of the challenges faced by having problem skin. Our products contain only the necessary base ingredients plus skin-changing actives, such as a probiotic complex, glycolic acid and vitamins B and C. AMPERNA® products are free from nasties, including but not limited to: sulfates, parabens, aluminium, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours and bleaches. AMPERNA® products are made in Australia and tested by people just like you and me.


AMPERNA skin health products


I have always had sensitive skin, this was also a problem when I suffered acne as a teenager. I couldn’t use most acne products on the market because they were too strong for my skin. I suffered from pustular acne when I was 30 and severely ill and I was offered antibiotics and strong topicals because my skin was really quite bad and I was in pain. I didn’t like the idea of that. I wasn’t getting the holistic help I needed from professionals; in fact there is a huge gap in the medical system in Australia I feel. More doctors and dermatologists should be listening and helping skin issues in a holistic way – using diet, supplements, exercise, stress relief etc.


When I was recovering I decided that I needed to review my whole lifestyle, taking a holistic approach to my health. I started researching diets and a healthy lifestyle. I went through the process of cutting out everything I shouldn’t be eating and reassessing everything that I was using on my skin. Going through the process of identifying certain triggers to my skin problems and helping myself took two years. There was definitely a gut health link to my skin health and I put this concept into AMPERNA®.

Kiri Yanchenko skin health journey


I couldn’t find anything on the market that was active enough to help my skin that was gentle enough so my skin didn’t react. I felt that there was a gap in the market for no nasties active products for even the most sensitive skin that helped people who also suffered from skin concerns like acne, perioral dermatitis, dermatitis, rosacea etc that we’re strong suppressive medications. I also saw that no one was really talking about a truly holistic approach to skincare. After 5 years in R&D AMPERNA® launched in February, 2018. Since then we have helped so many people and won three awards. I really get excited when I get emails from people we have helped with feedback on the brand.


Women are affected both physically and emotionally by the appearance of their skin. They’re looking for an effective, affordable solution they can trust and AMPERNA® aims to fill this gap.

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