How Much Time do you Really Have?

I was reading an article the other day where the author came upon the realisation that she didn’t have as many hours in her working week as she thought, because within those were school/daycare drops off, meetings, driving etc. Then it dawned on me…neither do I.

The past few months I have been internally complaining to myself that I don’t have enough time in the week to get my work done and that all I need is 5 solid days or working time and I will be caught up. I secretly have this dream of staying in a hotel for 3 nights by myself to focus on work, but the thought of being away from my daughter for 3 nights when I will be in the same city makes my heart cry a little.

After reading that article I decided to break my working hours down. On an average week I have 26 hours of child free work time between kindy and my mother in law. In my head it’s 4 days, but in reality it’s just over 3! OMG! Within that 26 hours, 30 mins each day is driving dropping my daughter off or getting into the city if I don’t choose to work at home. That’s 2 hours down. Not to mention meetings, if I choose to exercise or walk the dog before I get working.

On top of that one day a week I try to work later, so an extra maybe 2 hours, no wonder I’m up late every night working and trying to fit time in on weekends to work. This leaves not a lot of time. So what do I do?

I’m not sure about you, but on the rare occasion I go to the hairdresser, this is in “work” time. If I need to go to the physio or get a massage, this is in “work” time. My internal voice says to me, focus on your health and wellness, walk that dog now before you start work instead of later or exercise in peace and quiet now, instead of later, when there are no distractions. But then my other voice says “you are cutting into your work time, when will you get everything done!”.

I have started to reduce the number of meetings I have each week. As soon as one is booked, I try not to book in another for the week, unless they can make it one the same day I already have a meeting. Or if I can be done via Skype or on the phone BONUS! And as for people asking to “go for coffee or pick my brain”. That’s a no.

One thing I will say is that I never say to someone I’m too busy to meet them. Everyone is busy, its about what your priorities are. And I for one find saying no very liberating. You should give it a try.

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