How to Create Boundaries for Your Calendar

It’s essential to have clear boundaries in place. This is what works for YOU! Ask yourself, what is acceptable to you, what isn’t, and what will you say yes to?

Every time you say yes, there is ALWAYS a trade-off.

There are three areas to have clear boundaries: calendar, communication and client. And we’re going to start out by looking at our calendars!

We want a business that runs by design, not default. And it’s up to you to consciously build a business that’s right for you. The one biggest hurdle I hear in business is time. How to take it back, manage it and not get distracted. And this starts by taking control of your calendar.


Get your calendar out and play along at home!


1. What are your working hours?

When you work out your working hours, you see straight away how many hour each week you have to achieve your tasks and goals. Make sure that you are only scheduling meetings and work during your working hours.


2. Get in the flow state and group like-minded tasks together.

Flow state is a very powerful state of mind where you are extremely productive and also feel great. You don’t have to force yourself to work hard. Rather, it seems to go automatically. It seems as if you are ‘flowing’ through your work.

The best way to get into a flow state is to group like-minded tasks together. Have meetings on the same day, work on everything marketing related on another etc.


3. Don’t let people book meetings in any day or anytime.

You control this! Otherwise you are cannibalising your flow state. And remember if you’re meeting face to face ensure you put in travel time and space in your calendar to action any items from the meeting.


4. What do you already have scheduled for the next 6 months?

Put it in your calendar. Think:

– Holidays

– Pupil free days

– Additional long weekends

– Exercise


5. What other factors could impact your schedule?

(ie. kids, FIFO, etc)


6. Are you going on a holiday?

Put it in your calendar. Plan for your lifestyle and the way you want to work.

The purpose of this is to map your ideal month, ideal week and ideal day.

Next you want to:


7. Create your core calendar:

Add the below into your calendar if they are relevant to you.

  • CEO times
  • Admin
  • Emails
  • Lunch
  • Staff/Team Meetings
  • Research/training
  • Marketing
  • Client work

Get comfy with saying no! Cut down unnecessary meetings & have agendas in place and try and have all of your meetings in one day and implement no meeting days.

It takes practice to stick to your calendar.

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