How To Get Your Wardrobe Bring Out The Best In You

Dressing with confidence is a great way to make a first impression. Easier said than done you might think. Yes, I agree. It takes time, love and dedication to grab ownership of your wardrobe and the way you feel about yourself.

Our nasty inner voice whispers us things we would not dare tell others and none of those “helpful tips” are aimed to make us feel confident. Quite the opposite, those thoughts are nibbling away at your own happiness.

So why not give the darker voice the (cute ankle) boot and choose to be organised anyway. No matter who you are or what you look like, you can take this stand for yourself and create peace of mind.

As a Personal Stylist for the last 18 years, one thing is abundantly clear, we are all the same. We are all beautiful. No special exceptions. None.

Before you start racing to the shops, let’s take a step back and start at home with your wardrobe. One of the main reasons I see a disjointed wardrobe is that there is no “stock-take”.

More and more items get added burying the “too hard basket” items even further.

And let’s be fair, no one forced you to buy the things (you never wear).

There is a whole range of emotions and stuff that happens when you buy things. If you were in a good mood, bad mood, beside yourself, with kids, talked into something by a friend or simply bought the first thing that fitted.

If you want to create a simple wardrobe that is filled with things you like to wear, this process starts before you hit the shops.

The Wardrobe Cleanse

This will be the first thing you need to get done. Be aware of what you have and make no room for things you don’t like. Only have space for what you love to wear.

Hang it, fold it, what ever the garment suits best. As long as you can see it.

During this process you will see gaps appear. Write them down. You may have events coming up, travel etc, write what you need/want for that as well.

If there are tops or bottoms you can’t match, take a photo of it so you have it ready when you venture out on a shopping trip.

The work you put in at this stage with pay off in many ways. You are in control of what you have and what you want. And that is powerful.

Capsule Wardrobe

Mixing and matching means different things to different people. But here are four of my capsule wardrobe tops

1. Always buy something with a difference.
A nice sleeve, fabric, a cute button, great tailoring, nice neckline, a colour you love. So you never feel boring. It does not have to be much, a little spark of joy that gets you excited. Just simply love it!

Mixing and matching often goes off the rails as some part of the outfit is not work. So if you put equal amount of TLC into every part of the wardrobe that will ensure a higher match success rate.

No room for mediocre tops that are a 7 or 8 for you as they will kill the bottom you love 10 out of 10.

And it is ok if you don’t love it any longer after a while… but then move it on.

2. Get your colour bases covered.
A capsule wardrobe will be optimised if you have a few colour bases covered that are additional to black, navy and white.

There might be seasons where you choose lots of patterned pants or skirts and other seasons you might feel more monochrome.

3. Know your styles.
Your body is unique and most of you know by trial and error what styles suit you. Find out your styles from the body shape calculator I have on my Style Angel website.

Fashion is transient, fast and some seasons you might find the styles too boxy, too tight, too short, too long etc.

4. Buy with Intent.
To make fashion slow it means having a “Love, Buy, Hold” strategy. Just like you do with shares to get the best return on investment.

You investigate what’s missing, what works, find what you love, buy and look after it so it lasts. Press repeat.

Instead of buying anything that tickles your fancy, put new purchases through the wringer before you buy it.

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