How to survive the early years and still sleep!

By Heather Gibson

You can have it all, you probably just can’t do it all!

As much as we are strong and determined women with inspiration and enthusiasm, we also need some sleep and recharge time.

If you are anything like the multitude of women before you it is probably a huge shock as to the amount of behind the desk work that is involved in running your empire (albeit to be)

  • Clients
  • Marketing
  • Publicity
  • Social media
  • Website & blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Finances
  • Grants & funding
  • IT
  • Training and the list goes on……

When running your business and the excitement phase gradually moves into overwhelm, it can be hard to do the self-talk and keep the focus going.

A lot of what you need to do will be skills to be learned and some may appear daunting.

Lacking in certain areas of skills is not a weakness – you are good at what you do and someone else has a skill set different from yours, that is what makes each of us unique.

Solution: seek out those with the skills you need as early on as possible and delegate. Don’t waste hours upon hours trying to do something that you don’t like or have the slightest interest in.

This is time you could be spending on growing and developing your business.

Cost may be a factor but there are many women in the same situation that may be open to a skills swap or trading products and services until you get on your feet.

Being a solo entrepreneur / mumpreneurs is hard going at times so use all the support you can, find your network and support each other.

3 places to find your community:

  1. Networking – it is truly worth the effort to get out and meet with others, great friendships have been made as well as valuable business relationships
  2. Ask friends and family – there may be a talent not known amongst your existing relationships that is just what you need
  3. Social media groups – there are a multitude of small business groups that have very supportive networks e.g.: Perth Girlbosses

You will survive and thrive

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