BTB Incubator

Get access to the experts, entrepreneurial learning, practical tools, network & support you need to start building your business.

The BTB Incubator focuses on foundational business skills, practical strategies & accountability to help

you through your entrepreneurial journey.  

Building a business doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.

Whether you are just starting out (or thinking about it!), a few years in,  juggling your biz with motherhood (I know how hard that is!) and are driven and growth oriented you’ve landed in the right place. 


No one understands the rollercoaster ride of being a female founder, quite like other female founders do.


When you join the membership, you can upskill in a flexible, supportive environment, anywhere, all year round. 

Here you’ll have access to the resources, advice and expertise to help you take action to achieve your goals and more!


per month

An instant community, where you'll find support, practical training & authentic connections.

  • Instant access to the members hub with masterclasses, videos, guides & resources
  • Founder to CEO Framework
  • New masterclasses delivered monthly
  • Monthly progress review call
  • Quarterly goal setting session
  • Expert led webinars held monthly
  • Office hours call each week
  • Members forum & directory
  • Member only perks - discounts & benefits
  • 50% discount to events
  • Price locked in

Here’s how we can support you. 


Follow our Founder to CEO Framework, for the process, strategy,

skills and the trusted advice needed to lay the

essential foundations for growth and get to that next level.


New ones delivered monthly covering marketing, revenue,

growth, mindset, systems & more.


Direct access to our experts each month through our

interactive webinars on relevant business topics with Q & A.


From guides, instructional videos, tools, templates and more.

We’re about helping you to streamline your business & increase productivity. 


Join the conversations and connect,

ask questions and build a strong support network Australia wide.


Search for other members by location or industry and connect.


Designed as a progress report on your goals.

Celebrate your wins, work through issues to get you back on track

and take action to keep moving forward. 


A session to set your goals and implementation plan

for the quarter using the OKR Framework.


A call at the start of each week to set yourself up for success.

Meet other members, check in, get motivated, ask for support

and get some clarity to help work out your next steps. 


Be surrounded by a strong support system of success-driven women like you. No more feeling alone.

Have results driven accountability to maintain your focus. We wont let you give up and we will be there to help keep you on track.

Gain confidence and no longer feel overwhelmed as you learn new strategies.

Have access to expert knowledge to help you take action to achieve your goals and more!

Have the motivation, confidence and mindset, to up-level your business and shake that fear of failure.

You'll learn new skills each month and have access to high quality on demand content

No longer feel overwhelmed as you learn the strategies to have more time.

We’re bringing the female founder community together and we want you to join us.

Our members are from all different industries: professional services, e-commerce, food, authors, health & wellness to name a few!

What they all have in common is – DRIVE & AMBITION!


Be part of an engaged, connected community of empowered women. 

Real talk here… 

There is no magical overnight way to growth and success.

We’re not full of inflated hype or false promises of 7 figures in 7 days. We’re about practical strategies, consistency and teaching you the framework for sustainable success. The exact one that has worked for us and numerous female founders. 

This is not a short course. 

We believe in fostering your growth and surrounding you with exactly what you need which is why we take a hybrid approach to learning. We’re in this for the long-haul and determined to assist women in creating impactful, profitable businesses.

No more going it alone. 

You’re so done with feeling lonely, trying to figure it out all by yourself right? Don’t you want to feel inspired, connected and continually motivated on your founder journey? Ditch the overwhelm and get the clarity and direction as to what to do next. 

Let’s be frank…

If you’re not around like-minded female founders or are constantly surrounded by people who are happy to do their business as hobby and don’t have growth aspirations…well you’re just going to be stuck there too.

If you’re a female entrepreneur (or aspiring to be!) and you’re ready to make that intentional shift to grow as you know you aren’t hitting your highest potential, well my friend, the BTB membership is for you. 

“Looking to you for direction and guidance is a great foundation to move forward.”

I am so grateful for you having started a group like this. I joined Behind the Brands membership as I wanted to connect with others and also take the next step to make Strength Heroes a serious business. You are building a really solid foundation and to have people joining you each week and looking to you for direction and guidance is a great foundation to move forward. Thanks again.
Fiona Perrella
Fiona Perrella
Strength Heroes

Finding the right training, knowledge and community used to be hard. But we’ve made it easier for you. And know that you wont be left alone once you join, we’ll be with you every step of the way. 


It’s time to make a decision. Are you in?

*Behind the Brands uses an inclusive definition “female” and “women” and we welcome trans people, women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who identify, have identified, or have been identified as female, women, or non-binary.