Is your business using its best manners?

Being a small business owner has never been considered an easy path. We can all get so caught up in the “new” things we are supposed to be doing, it can be all consuming. So consuming in fact, that we can forget about some simple, good old fashioned ways to nurture customers and grow your business.

The good news about this is that advances in technology are designed to make life quicker and easier. Except, does anyone here feel like their life is getting easier? I certainly don’t.

In fact, as a business owner I also find it all consuming trying to keep up. SEO, social media, websites and trying to ‘win’ at Google. Phew! It’s hard work. Which is why I love to focus on the easy stuff. The ‘stuff’ that doesn’t cost anything. Yep it’s free, you don’t need a hand book to do it and it has the power to completely transform your business.

It’s a little thing I like to call – customer service!

In my business I’ve always tried to educate my staff that good service simply isn’t enough. Anyone can give good service, in fact that should be on your worst day.

The reality is you can provide a good service and your client will be happy, they might even tell a friend about you. OR you can provide an exceptional service, your client will be elated, and she’ll tell 10 friends.

It all boils down to old fashioned manners and these you can implement in any business. It’s going the extra mile and caring about your client. Not sure what that looks like for you?  I’ve got your back! These tips I’ve implemented in my own business for the past 11 years and I attribute my success to them.

5 Tips to supercharge your customer service right now

  1. Say thank you – This is my favourite. Thanks for coming, thanks for buying, thanks for choosing me. It’s so easy. Pop it in your monthly emails, say it on your social media, attach a note to a purchase or just say it in person. Scream it from the top of a mountain!!
  2. Reward loyalty – Spend as much time thinking about how to reward your long-term clients as you do thinking how to win new ones. Your loyal customers are gold and they deserve a bonus along the way.
  3. Reward referrals – Are you finding out where your new client came from? Do you reward the person who sent them? Do you give your customers an incentive to refer you?
  4. Celebrate occasions – Who doesn’t love a little birthday bonus? A Merry Christmas voucher in the inbox? Are you asking for your customers birthdates?
  5. Encourage feedback – How do you know what to work on if you don’t know what’s broken? I can promise you that it’s usually something you would have never considered that might have left your customer feeling unsatisfied. I’ve a hands-on service business and usually it might be a wrong music choice or a bad coffee that has left a client miffed. We worship this feedback, we don’t take offence and we show gratitude for the opportunity to make an improvement. Ask your clients for feedback and be specific with your questioning.

I’m a firm believer that in these modern times there is a big place for old fashioned service in small business. All the social media followers in the world doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have a thriving business. Nurture your existing and new customers and you will be rewarded, promise!




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