Keeping “The Spark Alive” In Career and Love

Ever heard that saying “energy flows where attention goes”? As modern day women the pressure we place on ourselves in enormous. Like running a business isn’t hard enough, throw in parenting, maintaining a relationship, menstruation, menopause and you have a mini series!

Our attention is constantly divided and sometimes that energy is reduced to a mere trickle, dripping out of some rusty worn out old pipes. And our loved ones are the first to feel the drought.

It’s a battle that can seem overwhelming and at times leave you feeling completely defeated. As a woman in business and a professional match maker, relationships and the psychology in which surrounds them, are my passion. Sharing my knowledge and experiences allows me to “spread the love” on a broader scale.

Whether you’re single, married, in an old relationship or new i believe these tips are instrumental in maintaining a healthy balance in all aspect of your life, but particularly balancing career and relationships.

Keeping “the spark alive” in career and love:

Know your values

Our values are important. Identifying and understanding those values and choosing how to represent them is integral to your success both in life and in business. They may look a little different in their various surroundings but as they are the core of who we are, they all stem from the same belief system.

By knowing these values and making decisions that align with them, will allow your energy to “flow” a little healthier in each compartment of your life.

Examples of values include respect, transparency, independence, financial security, creativity, optimism, happiness, family oriented, success, healthiness, compassion, kindness, perseverance, spontaneity, trust, modesty, loyalty, fun and professionalism.

Where your values are aligned with your work or business you will find that they support and energise your work. On the flip side, where some or all of your values conflict with your work you are likely to feel very unsettled or stressed. And vice vera and so forth with the cross over into our personal relationships.

Remember the three C’s –

  • Communicate – Whether we’re sending emails, texts or meeting face to face, the better and more effectively you communicate with those around you, the richer your relationships will be.
  • Compromise – its al about creating win – wins. For you, your partner and you work relationships. It needs to be equal.
  • Commitment – Although commitment is important in the work place, its more so in your personal relationships. Prioritising these commitments is essential.

If you constantly practice these 3 things in your relationships, both personal and professional you will lead much more balanced life. It’s easy to forget, we know, but that’s why I’m here to remind you.

Time management –

If you’re anything like me it’s probably more like time survival. Because it’s important to be on time, show up to appointments and do the things you say you’re going to do – do not over commit your time. Easier said than done we know but be realistic about what you can achieve in a day, a week or a month.

Be kind to yourself –

We are our own harshest critic. The guilt and self-doubt can swallow you up at times.

Be kind and understanding towards yourself; it’s OK that I missed the deadline, I worked hard and I’ll make it next time. Recognise that everyone makes mistakes, and no one is without their weaknesses.

Look at engaging in some mindfulness activities or workshops to avoid stress, find time for yourself and do the things you love.

The battle to lead a balanced life is truly ongoing. Some weeks we nail it and for everyone we do, the next one we totally drop the ball. We do the best we can and so often we feel like our best isn’t good enough. Just know you’re not alone.

Sometimes all we need is reading the occasional article and picking up the odd handy hint to stay motivated and reminded of what’s important and that’s looking after you.

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