Kris Grant: CEO of ASPL Group

Kris Grant is the Chief Executive Officer of ASPL Group. For the past nine years, Kris has been leading ASPL Group as CEO, overseeing its management consulting, training and recruitment divisions to deliver major transformational projects, strategic leadership training, and personnel resourcing to improve business functions and increase productivity across Australia’s public and private sectors.


A champion of emerging leaders and an ambassador for workplace equality, Kris has built a successful career and a stable of key clients through living her own mantra of always being an authentic leader and empowering her staff, and her clients’ personnel, to create opportunities for success.


Before Kris started her career with ASPL Group, she was working with large corporate organisations which gave her some incredible foundational skills, thanks to working with brilliant mentors. However, having continuously dealt with the glass ceiling, it was time for her to join a SME and shape it into a business based on a diverse culture and a unique offering to the market.


After working with organisations that had an established brand, Kris found it initially challenging to compete and market ASPL Group. However, the ASPL Group brand was unique, so she had to think outside the square of traditional marketing tactics, and instead focus on superior delivery and service, which in turn assisted with market presence.


With Kris personally being in front of ASPL’s clients and people across the country allowed for continual market insights and a depth of understanding of needs.


Kris says that ASPL is unique as she is passionate about making a difference in their service offerings and investing back into capability within all of their clients, whether that is with leadership training, management consulting or recruitment. ASPL also have a deep commitment to equality, inclusion and diversity, and giving back to the community.  In fact, they created a campaign called #welead last year, both celebrating women in business, and discussing each individual’s journey and commitment to changing the current landscape for women in business.


“Trust your instincts and back your decisions! I believe that you need to treat yourself as an athlete. The amount of yourself that you personally invest in your business is significant, so learning what works for you to keep your body and mind at it’s best will help you feel confident in your decisions. It’s all about maximising your time, fuelling your body with the right foods, surrounding yourself with inspiring and positive people, and most importantly balancing your work and life.  I always include Pilates or yoga in my day, whether I am in a hotel room or at home which helps with focus and mindfulness. “


Kris on the people around her that allow her to thrive…

I have an incredible team at ASPL Group, and I’m proud to say that our senior leadership team is 90% female.  Empowering your team and surrounding yourself with support allows you to absolutely focus on your strengths and keep up the energy.


My children Aimee and Adam and my fur babies Apple and Angel definitely allow me to thrive at home and I am deeply grateful for them and appreciate them each day.  There are always sacrifices as a mother and all of them support me endlessly, especially with working from home in the last year! When they were younger, they attended board meetings, sat through global conference calls and work travel and now they listen to training and coaching executives, TV interviews via video conferencing and multiple conference calls.


On how she handles doubt…

In the past five years, I’ve learnt a lot about the power of the mind. Now, when I have doubt, I try not to overthink the scenarios or let my subconscious take over.  It is very challenging but I try and practice this as much as possible while also practicing mindfulness, gratefulness and being present.


How do you make the most of your day? Any tips?

I am all about making the most of each day and really maximising my time and having a balanced approach. I start each day very early (around 4-5am) and utilise this time to ground myself for the day – whether it’s journaling, doing a Pilates class, walking my cavoodle Apple or just using the time and space to think.


At ASPL Group, our Leadership training is based on neuroscience and changing patterns of behaviour, so I am a true believer in consciousness in the workplace and the difference it can make!  Rather than wasting time with endless meetings, without direction or overthinking, I am all about focus, outcomes and positivity!


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