Female Founder Feature: Courtney Jones – Leadership Ascension Academy

Courtney Jones helps professionals break free of self-doubt and indecision and step into their personal power, by applying techniques in behavioral psychology, energy healing to discover subconscious drivers and evolve thinking styles. Based on the principles of interpromotion and metaphysical psychology, this approach can be applied to career, relationships, self-care, and life goals to enhance intuition, raise energetic vibration and align with a life of meaning and purpose.

She is the creator of The Ascension Leadership Model (ALM) and founder of the Leadership Ascension Academy.

Courtney’s book “The Leader Within“, recently won Bronze in the International e-Lit Awards, Business/Careers/Sales category.

We got to know Courtney a little more…

How did you come to start your business? Was there a particular spark or a significant turning point?

In 2014 I was offered a role with local government that ticked all the boxes – well paid, close to home, ongoing position, but something about it made me feel uneasy. Logically, it was exactly what I needed to get back on track after leaving my marriage and moving back home with my parents. I was a 35 year old failure and this job opportunity was going to turn it all around. Every time a thought about it though, I felt nervous and anxious and sick in the stomach. My whole body was in resistance to the idea, so I declined. I immediately felt a wave of relief wash over me, anxiety lifting, and a deep knowing that I was going to be OK. After trusting that nudge, my inner guidance became stronger and more present. I was guided to NLP and Hypnosis. That’s when it all came together, and I felt the confidence and clarity to share this with others to help them break free. I started small – standard hypnosis sessions from a spare room at my parents’ house, then got the nudge to combine my knowledge in energetic and spiritual healing. Since then, things have kept growing.


What has been the biggest mistake you have made in business?

Not being myself, or all of me. I tried to keep aspects of my work separate. I didn’t want my hypnosis colleagues to know I was using spiritual guidance and intuition to help me understand what a needed to make positive changes. It was exhausting and hard to keep that part of me undercover. I realized, if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it with every part of my being.


What makes your business unique?

Combining intuition with cognitive therapies and the structure of these techniques. I think a big part of it that I also teach my clients how to do the intuitive part, so that by the end of a few sessions, they no longer need me, they can do it all for themselves.


What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

  • Good communication skills – you need to be able to articulate to yourself and your target market how you can be of service. It’s no good just telling people what techniques you use; most people don’t know what they are or care. Know how you serve.
  • Skills in using software and programs that make your life easier – be it accounting software, marketing funnels, booking software or social media, know enough to get things running smoothly so you’re not wasting time manually doing things that can be easily automated.
  • Intuition! – maybe not strictly considered a skill but if you don’t have it, you don’t know when you’re out of sync with the lifestyle you want to create through your business. You need to know where you’re being impractical or unrealistic and when you’re putting energy into something that’s not going to get you where you want to go.


What do you believe was the best decision you made in business?

Coming out of the spiritual and intuitive closet! I spent a good few years trying to fit into the mainstream idea of a, hypnotherapist or ‘life coach’. It didn’t get me anywhere near where I wanted to be and I felt like I was faking it. When I made the decision to openly integrate my intuitive guidance with the cognitive techniques I use, everything started to fall into place.

How do you personally measure success?

Mostly by the way I feel at the end of the day. When I look around and see my garden, my family, my dog, I feel happy and content and that is what success is for me. I do have business goals, but the goals are set up to support those feelings, so it’s kind of a chicken and egg thing.  Freedom is also a big thing for me. If I have a sense of freedom through running my business – flexible work hours, reliable income, working with great clients, then that is all my boxes ticked. If I’m working 30,40, 50 hr weeks or feeling a sense of lack or disinterest in my work, that’s not success and I may as well do something else. Success is all about how you feel. When you get that right, everything else falls into place.

How do you generate new ideas?

I think about what like to be doing and how I would like to spend my time in the future. I think about the feelings I would like to have as I work and at the end of the day. Then I ask my inner guidance to bring opportunities and ideas into my awareness. I sometimes set intentions before meditation to be filled with inspiration and affirm I am open to receiving inspiration and ideas.

Who are the people around you that allow you to thrive and give support?

My husband. He’s a great sidekick for blue sky thinking and wild daydreaming.  But he has a practical side that helps with implementation and logistics. My friend Jodi has been a constant in my life. I can run anything by her and she’ll give me a different perspective that helps with problem solving or refining the plan.

And my dachshund Edith. Dogs are people too!

What keeps you going in difficult times?

Knowing that everything I experience is bringing me closer to knowing what I really came here to do and how I can learn from those experiences to make choices that align with the life I want to lead. If things are tough, it’s an opportunity for growth and expansion. Difficult times means keep your eyes and ears (and mind) open!


How do you handle doubt?

The Inner Resolution Method! It’s a technique I developed as part of the Ascension Leadership Model. It is a process for getting in touch with intuitive guidance and it never fails. I usually find self-doubt is a sign something is out of alignment. I haven’t look at all the options or I need more information. If that happens, I tune-in to my intuition to find out what I’ve missed and if there are more steps to take before moving forward.

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