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Nicole Jevtovic is a mum to three under three first and foremost, as well as the principal family lawyer at Clarity Family Solutions. Before realising that law was her calling, she spent a few years travelling around the world, spending time snowboarding in Canada, backpacking through Europe and clerking at a law firm in Shanghai.

When she got back to Australia, she finished her degree in Law and Psychology and started working in Family Law. Whilst pregnant and on maternity leave (twins and then another bonus child less than two years later), she slowly finished her Masters in Law and realised that she wanted to open her own law firm so she could focus on helping her clients instead of what she was billing.


“Clarity Family Law Solutions is not the traditional law firm. As the name suggests, our focus is on solutions, not prolonging the dispute. We aim to achieve our clients goals, simplifying the separation process and reaching positive resolutions as quickly and painlessly as possible. We help in all areas of Family Law, parenting and financial settlement, domestic violence and mediation. We are Gold Coast based but assist clients Australia wide.”


Describe yourself in 3 words…



What’s your favourite part about what you do?


My favourite part about being a family lawyer is being able to take away the stress during what is probably the most difficult time in my clients’ lives. When I first speak with a client and they have a list of what they are worried about and what they need to deal with – I can go through each item, address it, give them an answer and I can see or hear the stress literally drain away.


Who do you look up to/who inspires you?


There are plenty of famous people I could list that inspire me, and I’m sure everyone, but there are so many local people that are inspiring. Single mothers raising their children on their own and sacrificing so much, women in business using their influence to help support other women and those who give their time to advocate for and assist others in need.


What’s a quote you live by?


Everything happens for a reason.

It might be a little cliché but I firmly believe that every hard time that you go through is pushing you to make you stronger. It helps to just let go of the things that you can’t change and accept that there is something better waiting for you around the corner.


Who is the wisest woman you know and what have you learnt from her?


My mother, of course. Growing up, she taught me how to be compassionate towards others and that I can achieve absolutely anything. Now that I am an adult, I continue to learn from her every day about how to be the best mother/wife/woman.


What motivates you?


Two things:
My children – in my personal life, my children motivate me to be more patient, understanding and to keep pushing myself to be the best person I can be for them.
Feedback from my clients – at work, hearing from my clients about how I have helped them and made a hard time a little easier for them motivates me to keep going.



To help as many people as possible, we offer a free no obligation legal advice session to ensure that every person has access to quality legal advice. Our biggest concern is that people don’t get legal advice because they can’t afford it and just agree to a child custody or financial settlement that isn’t fair for them – this is why we encourage people to have a completely free consultation to ensure that they are looking after their best interests.

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