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Australian-based CMO Sonja Ceri has a reputation for creating impactful customer-centric Inbound Marketing strategies. With a Masters in economics and a decade of agency experience, Sonja’s interests go beyond text book marketing theory. Sonja calls herself a storyteller, because that’s easier than listing social media expert, journalist, digital marketer, entrepreneur, mentor, workshop trainer, keynote speaker and opinionated blogger.

When Sonja felt pregnant in 2017, she found herself leading a team of 23, working 60-hours a week and dedicating her life to her marketing agency. This had to change. So she decided to scale back to something more manageable and start something new. It was a brave move to step away from her very profitable business and branch out on her own – all of that while pregnant. The baby was due in six weeks, when the new company  Four Drunk Parrots  was founded, staff recruited, an office located and the first 5 customers were onboarded. Her maternity leave was only 3 days cause she loves what she does.

Sonja Ceri

Becoming a mother inspired her to do exactly what she wanted to achieve in her life. Being a mother made her stronger in terms of how she leads teams, with fluent confidence and empathy. She is living in Australia for nearly 10 years and has been self-employed the majority of this time. Being a business owner is now imprinted in her life and she couldn’t imagine working for someone else again. She started her  strategic marketing  imperium in January 2018 and has already been nominated for the Ballina Business Awards in 2019.


Best advice you’ve ever been given?

If you are born to lead, you have to breakthrough, always. Be different and show the world that big changes in life can be used to empower yourself to reach your highest goals.


Describe yourself in 3 words…

Creative – Committed – Customer Orientated


What’s your favourite part about what you do?

Everyone has their own way of success, but Sonja’s is also pushing to grow with the business industry pulse of time for a better tomorrow. Sonja’s approach centers around the customer, using ‘omni-channel marketing’ to put the customer at the focal point, while employing ‘conscious leadership’ to forge a positive path. She will share knowledge demonstrating how to stand out as a female entrepreneur and how to make not-for-profit companies great again!


Do you have a favourite app?

Peak – Brain Training

Sonja Ceri


Who do you look up to/who inspires you?

Did you see the latest Bill Gates documentary on Netflix? He developed the uber-company with 82% market share in the 90s just to turn it all around and spent the rest of his live solving the bigger issues on this planet – Poli, Sanitation and Climate Change. That inspired me.


What’s a quote you live by?

“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that” best Pippi Longstocking quote


Who is the wisest woman you know?

Marissa Mayer, former CEO of Yahoo


What have you learnt from her?

Our theory is, if you need the user to tell you what you’re selling, then you don’t know what you’re selling, and it’s probably not going to be a good experience.


What motivates you?

My personal and business live is intertwined to a degree that I don’t really need extra motivation. I love what I do and therefore I don’t feel that business or work is a burden. My last maternity leave was 3 days – I couldn’t wait to get back behind the computer and see what’s going on. If there is one thing that defines my motivation then it would be inner curiosity.

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