Meet The Woman Who Started Her Business By Following Her Heart

This is Tanita Seton’s business journey.

Two years ago, I had to make a big decision about my working life, do I continue down the same path and see what happens with the changing work environment or do I make a big leap into the unknown following my heart and a passion that had lay dormant for years.

I couldn’t imagine a life of the same old thing without passion or drive that I’d been doing for the past 20 years so I decided to pursue my dreams. My kids were getting older and I had the time and energy to explore photography so I set about doing just that. First, I questioned a friend who is professional photographer about the best path I should take and she said to me to definitely get an education so I applied to do the Diploma of Photography at TAFE and I’ve not looked back. Now in the second year doing the Advanced Diploma of Photography, I‘ve grown so much. Not only in skills, equipment and creativity, but also in confidence. I’ve had to bust through so many comfort zones and really put myself out there so many times that I’ve forgotten what it means to live within a comfort zone! Because without doing this you never really extend yourself or see what it truly possible.

Two years into my journey and I now have clarity on where I want my business to go. I’m developing my TAFE work for an exhibition at the end of the year and I’m slowly building my business doing shoots for wonderful women in Perth and learning all about social media, my ideal client and business coaches! All this while juggling family life, friends and other commitments. The support network in Perth is immense, there are so many wonderful people out there.

My photography business ‘Tanita Seton Photography’ is focussed on business branding photography and portraiture. I aim to help heart-centred, motivated women entrepreneurs attain more visibility through beautiful, authentic images for their business so that they can get regular, consistent clients, look professional and communicate their business clearly.

I love working with my clients as they too have incredible business journeys and in turn they motivate me!

I’d love women in Perth to know that yes you can do whatever you want. If you follow your heart and work damn hard everything will fall into place. Really, is there any other option than to do what you were put here to do? Don’t waste the opportunity!


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