Now’s the Time to Spring Clean Your Life Admin!

Spring is here, which means most people are thinking about spring cleaning their homes, but it is also a perfect time to thinking about spring cleaning your life admin.

At Organise.Curate.Design, we spend the whole year helping people outsource, declutter and tick things off their to do lists, so we thought we’d share some of our top tips on how to effectively spring clean your brain and clear you mental load.

Consolidate all your to do lists
Often, we have a range of to do list items floating around in our head, or on various lists and post-it notes. Putting together a master list of tasks will help you identify what needs to be done and when. Then you can make a plan, knowing you haven’t missed anything due to that annoying lost post-it note.

Review your paperwork
Do you still receive paper bills? Do you need to consolidate your superannuation? Do you need to review your mobile phone plan? Or to scan and shred that pile of paperwork taking up space in your home office? No-one enjoys these tasks but setting aside some time to action some of these life admin items can feel really rewarding and help you reduce your mental load. Often it can help you save money too on the hidden fees associated with paper bills and multiple super accounts.

Review your calendar
Are you an online calendar person, or do you prefer a hard copy diary? Whatever you use, take the time to make sure you’re consistent with it, so you can ensure you stay on top of appointments and work commitments whilst adding the exciting events that come up at this time of the year and don’t double book yourself. Remember JOMO (joy of missing out) can be better than FOMO (fear of missing out) so be conscience of your self-care and allocate time for yourself to recharge when needed.

Overhaul your meal plan
Spring usually means lighter meals as the weather warms up. This is a great time to review your meal options and to start meal planning once a week. Setting aside an hour to plan each dinner, and breakfast and lunch if needed whilst writing a grocery list or ordering your items online can save you time during the week. Not only will you be able to stick to eating healthy balanced meals, you will save money by not ordering take away when you can’t quite decide what to have for dinner.

Put your health first
As well as allocating time for your self-care be sure to book in medical check-ups. This can be a general check up with your GP or more specifically things like updating your glasses prescription or other things that may have been pushed to the bottom of the list.

Outsource and delegate
You don’t need to do it all yourself. Delegating to other members of the household can help spread the load when it comes to some of the life admin tasks. If that isn’t an option a Life Assistant can coordinate all of your tasks and will be the admin and logistics you need to get your life in control. Being able to hand over your list, like the tasks mentioned above, knowing it will be actioned while you enjoy brunch with friends may be the best way to see in the new season and reduce your mental load.

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