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Being a business owner can be a lonely gig, but after fifteen years working with the brains behind the brands we’ve found that ultimate business success comes when we step out of that comfortable vacuum of isolation and open ourselves up to the experience and knowledge of other like-minded women. If done the right way it can spark chain reactions of insight, strategy break-throughs and motivation that are impossible to achieve on our own.



Yes, making time to step outside the whirlwind of day-to-day operations can seem like an unattainable luxury, but to truly enter a state of rapid growth it’s precisely what the most successful business owners find the time and courage to commit to.

Business Mentoring in Perth

And the best way to achieve that is with a strong community rallied by your side; a community of individuals who have your back no matter what challenges, or successes, your day, or month, may bring.


That’s why we’ve developed a 12-month peer-to-peer group facilitated mentoring program for female seasoned entrepreneurs and we’re looking for experienced business owners to join us.


We know that the size and composition of business mentoring groups are key to cultivating the right environment for growth, so we’ve created an in-depth application process where we get to know you and your business and strategically place you with 6-8 women who we’re confident will best facilitate rapid growth in mindset and outcomes based on your business type and personality.


Why groups of 6-8?

We knew you’d ask that! It’s because groups of 6 -8 provide the best chance of overall group longevity and inspired lateral thinking. Less than 6 tends to see energy levels drop and more than 8 means you’ll run out of time to each have the opportunity to share your insights and challenges. Our group size has been selected to ensure it’s large enough to generate a range of opinions and ideas yet small enough to create a more intimate setting where you’ll really get to know each other’s businesses and personalities and form lasting bonds.

We’ve no doubt you’ve accomplished some big, hairy audacious goals in your career and now it’s time to join us and accomplish even bigger ones together.

Is this program right for me?

This program is right for you if you:

  • Have been in business for at least a few years now and are at least a six figure business
  • Are seeing great results and know you’re ready to step out of the start up phase, want to accelerate growth or start to scale, but aren’t sure how (like whether you  should be focusing on implementing systems or training staff or upgrading your marketing or all of the above!)
  • Have finally realised you can’t do it all on your own no matter how you try (we’ve all been there!) and you’re looking  for  a support focused community
  • Consistently deliver on your promises and do what you say you’re going to do
  • Are committed to creating mutually supportive growth-based relationships


In return you’ll get:

Your investment:

2 x 6 month payments of $990 inc gst or monthly payments of $165 inc gst.

If you’re ready to join a sisterhood of female entrepreneurs to get unstuck, cultivate new ideas, combat loneliness and have some kick-ass accountability, we can’t wait to receive your application.



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