Starting a business as a single mum. You can do it!

I love the way our world is brimming with brilliant biz mums. Owning your own business for many is a dream come true. Work from home, flexible hours, be your own boss. It all sounds super-easy in theory but a quiet word from someone who has been there … it’s not! But it IS worth it. If you have passion, perseverance and a penchant for hard work with the belief that it will pay-off, then you are perfect for this gig … yes, even you single mumma.


In fact, as a single mother, owning a business could be the perfect fit for your life. Whether you co-parent or sole-parent, working around your children and your ex-partner can make for an unpredictable existence which isn’t conducive to a 9-to-5. Running a business on your terms (and times) may set you on a path to financial and personal freedom, all whilst aspiring to be the best single mum you can be.


Here’s why starting a business as single mum could be a brilliant choice for you.




I set-up my business whilst working full-time and Uber driving. How did I do it? I worked late into the night, every night. While the kids were in bed, while they were at their Dad’s. I was a machine. I chose how hard to work and how far to push myself. Without a partner in your life you can decide on the lifestyle you lead. If that means being clued to your laptop every waking, child-free hour to get your dream off the ground, then do it. It’s an opportunity you may not have had when you were partnered, so make the most of it.




Being married is wonderful. But if that particular life-plan didn’t come to fruition, you will find yourself on a new path … which is actually quite exciting. This is your chance to do the things you always wanted. Give your business idea a go, or turn that hobby into something more serious. This is your life to live your way. Have confidence in what you are capable of. I don’t see anyone standing in your way, so what are you waiting for?




When you first become a single mum it’s understandable that your children are No 1. You have to put them first. But you can’t use this excuse forever. Starting your own business does not mean child services will be knocking on your door as you’ve abandoned your offspring. On the contrary, my daughters have followed the journey of my business, hell, they were part of it. They are my biggest fans and still the first people I share my business wins with. You are a role model for your kids every day. If they see mum work hard and succeed, they are more likely to do this in their own lives.



One of the biggest issues that single mums face is loneliness. You may be busy all day but still feel isolated without a partner to cuddle, chat to and bounce ideas off. When you venture into ‘new business territory’ it is like going on an adventure. You will meet new people with whom you will create business or personal friendships. Being a business mum in today’s society is like belonging to a special club full of like-minded ladies cheering each other on. We collaborate and support. We encourage and empower. And we welcome any women who are brave enough (or mad enough!) to start a business. Trust me, with these strong, determined women around … you will never feel lonely again!

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