5 Reasons To Stop Putting Off Your Branding Shoot

Last week I finally had time to have my own shoot as part of my rebranding. This time I was in my client’s shoes. There was excitement, nerves, worries about my wardrobe. I tried to tame my hair and wondered if I had any food stuck in my teeth. But for my business it most definitely was on top of my to-do list and should be on yours too.

I haven’t met many clients that were overjoyed about having my camera pointing at them. And I completely understand why it’s not on the top of your ‘fun’ list.

Why go through the pain? Here’s why…

1 Connection

Scroll scroll scroll…nothing. It’s so disappointing to go through an awesome Instagram feed with no human element. Who is the brains behind this business? These products are beautiful but I want to know who made them. Who is actually going to be giving me my massage?

When we see you we begin to know you. Then the relationship forms.

Don’t underestimate the importance of you. 9 times out of 10 we are the worst critic of ourselves. So relax and get out there. When you have beautiful images you will feel more confident introducing yourself too!

2 Storytelling

Branding is about imagery and photographs are the king. An image says so much about you. Relaxed, friendly, silly, colourful, creative, approachable? Beach girl, nature lover or minimal studio look? We see your branding colours and symbols you use. We see you requipment and workplace.

Are you are the type of person I want to work with? Do you understand my needs? It all works together to tell your story which equals more connection with your clients.

3 Your slice of the web

Your website is something you should be proud of. It’s advertising you and your business and it gives you pride and confidence. Do you have images to back that up?

Authentic, natural photos that communicate your branding and add impact. They boost your copy and draw in your ideal client like a magnet.

Your ‘About Me’ page is the second most visited page on your website. If you don’t have an image of yourself on this page then get to it.   It doesn’t have to be a typical headshot. It can be a relaxed on location image, you at work or chatting with clients. A fun studio shot. It could be you with your family or pet. Something that best describes you and what you do. Genuine.

The ‘My Story’ page on my website has a headshot and then I have a small gallery of different photos of me as a little snapshot of my life. I get a lot of feedback from this so maybe that’s something you could try too.

4 Confidence and Impact

I mentioned before that I had my own shoot last week and I’m in the process now of adding them and my new logo too. Haven’t even thought about social media yet (!!).

Finally updating my images has made me feel a lot more confident. My website feels like my own now and my relaxed, comfortable personality is there for all to see. It has given personality to my website and that is what I was aiming for.

There are a trillion other photographers out there that I am competing with. So it’s important that I stop the scroll, be authentic and make you want to know more about what I do.

This is what I do for my clients and what you need to do for your own business.

5 Editing

Pesky pimple or annoying scar? Kids kept you up all night? No excuses. Don’t put off your shoot. Post-shoot editing will take care of that. It can be tailored to the individual but I always say use it with care. For me the emotion, light and composition of a portrait is what makes you beautiful.

So now I’ve convinced you, go out and get your branding shoot done. Show your face and business and draw in more of the clients that have been waiting to see you. You won’t regret it. You might even enjoy it!

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