The Challenges that Life Brings You

I was born in 1959 and grew up in a small country town in the south west of Western Australia.  The only girl in a family of five children. Life was full of the usual fun, experiences, trials and tribulations including farm life and family fishing holidays, the angst of teenage years, being nearly 6 feet tall and a high achiever in sport and art. I was active with friends, poetry, reading, movies, loved nature, worked on our farm and I learned to drive at ten years old.


When I was twenty two my life took a monumental turn when my youngest brother, aged eight years, was accidentally drowned. The impact of this tragic event propelled me, initially unknowingly, into a journey of self-discovery and personal development. Then two other family members died on the farm; my father from heart failure when I was twenty five, and my eldest brother died in a workshop accident in 2004.


I have always been very intuitive to pick up on the energy of people and the world and when I was twelve I felt that our family was part Noongar (Indigenous Aboriginal) on my father’s side. I slipped into the school library to study Aboriginal history.


When I got into my twenties, all my cousins got together and we researched our ancestry and learned that we were Aboriginal. This is why I am connected to spirit and nature but I am also very grounded and operate using my intellect as well.


For a long-time the Australian Government was taking Aboriginal children away from their families (The Stolen Generations) so that was why my father’s parents hid their whole family so that they were not taken away and this is why we didn’t know that we were Aboriginal.


This gave me insight to believe that trauma, pain or strategies to belong or survive are not always in our neural pathways it is something that is handed down through our DNA and eventually I learned that science has proven this.


I have learned how to heal old wounds, trauma and clear the backlog of emotions and family concepts that have been handed down through DNA then create new beliefs. I operate from my heart and my true self and this has allowed me to stay confident, balanced, loved and highly successful.


Using my intuition and my learning I now hold the space for my clients to learn and heal and I support them so they become the truth of who they are.  This is not just about peace love and pixie dust, it is very powerful and people succeed.


Take care of yourself and heal so that you can be balanced and continue to learn about yourself. Stay confident by living a life of integrity and holding a certainty within yourself that says: The challenges that life brings you are the lessons that you need to learn and the opportunities that allow you to heal and grow, so you may be your true self.

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