The Importance of Live Video on Facebook

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (hello have you?) then you will know that Facebook made BIG changes to its algorithm at the beginning of the year that affects publishers. (ie. business pages) I for one don’t think its necessarily a bad thing as it forces businesses and marketers to stop producing crap content…the number one reason your post get’s no reach and engagement!

Facebook has said (yes, direct from the horse’s mouth) that it will preference live videos. If you are not yet creating live videos on your Facebook page, the you ought to stat! If you need any more convincing then let this sink in – live videos often lead to discussion among viewers on Facebook – in fact, live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos. Why is that so important you ask? The new Facebook news feed prioritizes posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people…

Here are my tips on Facebook live video:

  • Make sure you have a strong WIFI connection. I’ll admit this has happened to me before, I moved to the dead spot in the house and my video dropped out for a few seconds. Not a great look!
  • Tell followers ahead of time when you’re going live. Jump onto your other social channels and let people know that you’re going live on Facebook and when and what you’ll be speaking about.
  • Plan out your live video. Give yourself a rough idea of what you want to say.
  • Add captions. Once you’ve published the video go back in and add captions. We know that a high percentage of people watch videos with no sound on, by adding captions they are more than likely to stay and watch it longer.
  • Space them out between other content. Don’t do a live video for every one of your posts. Live videos have a longer lifespan than other posts, when you space them out with different content, that content then has a better chance of being seen.

3, 2, 1 recording!!! Introduce your self every time you start a live video. Let the momentum build as users see you’re going live and your audience grows. Never begin talking straight away on your topic of your video, you want to build an audience up a little before you do this.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, it is live after all and should give a real insight into what you’re like or what your business is like. Everyone makes mistakes. I was recording a live video last year in my backyard as a bit of change of scenery and midway through my dog (RIP) head butted me out of the way and stole the limelight. I still published it to my page and it to date has been my most watched video. (Pro tip: use your pets for higher views ha ha)

Engage with your viewers! When you see someone start watching your live video say hi to them! Let them know you appreciate them watching the video (plus when you call them out to say hi, how bad will they feel if they stop watching!!) If someone asks a question or comments during your live video, again acknowledge it and answer it. This is such a valuable way to engage with your audience.

And have fun! If you really are petrified of recording a live video, just change your privacy settings so only you will see the video…it’s a great way to practice and then change them back when you’re ready to go live to your audience!

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