The Importance of Women’s Intuition in Business

“We are sending our daughters out into a workforce designed for our fathers” – Melinda Gates

There is a rising feminine energy which is creating a much more balanced aspect to consciousness at this time in the world and women in business are a large driving force to this endeavour. We need to look after ourselves.

With degree’s and careers in both nursing/midwifery and psychology, I have developed and grown over many years an intuitive talent that enables me to read a person’s energy and connect with their guidance system.

This gift means today I can work extremely effectively as an Intuitive Coach to help woman recognize and utilize their intuition to achieve, growth and success, both personally and in their careers.

It also has allowed me to identify themes associated with many talented business women. Themes whereby women who are so skilled yet lack self- belief and self-worth, so they are constantly doubting their abilities. One of the ways I feel woman are getting into their own power though is by creating their own individual self- employment and creative business ventures.

The feminine business principles of connecting, collaborating and being heart driven rather than being solely profit orientated is enheartening and extremely necessary. It’s also one of the reasons why 12 months ago I founded The Flourish Centre – where I work alongside Meditation, Reiki, Kinesiology and Reflexology practitioners, providing a space for women to gather, heal, collaborate, do business, shop, chat and have a cup of tea.

This journey has allowed me to identify key messages that align with;

Do it differently – What differently? Everything! Be creative, have integrity in all that you do and use your intuition. Treat others the way you would like to be treated and most importantly, do it for yourself. Your gifts and talents are primarily for your self-empowerment journey, when you get that in line with your heart energy the rest will naturally spread out in to the world. Trying to heal the world without first trying to find or heal yourself is like building a house without a strong foundation.

Accept change – Don’t sit doing the same thing and expect a different result. We all know where that leads…

Don’t do it alone – When you know how you want to express yourself entrepreneurially; connect, collaborate and learn how to ask for help.

Persevere – Think of your emotional limit and then multiple it by 10. You will have to become more, and be able to handle more.

Self- promote – Often difficult for women to do, but know your worth and go for it.

Set intentions – Goal set and use your internal guidance system and intuition.

At “The Flourish Centre” we often refer to our Secret Women’s Business Cards which help women make business decisions based on principles which have a feminine and masculine balance and utilizes their intuitive wisdom and authentic guidance.


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