The Struggle Is Real – But It’s Doable

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My business was born before my babies. I’ve always been a hard-worker but for me, motherhood really propelled me into working even harder. Not only did my drive to succeed professionally greatly grow after I became a mum because I want to show my boys the importance and benefits of a strong work-ethic, I simply HAD to work harder because my time is now so precious and necessarily split in many ways.


Running a business and being a mother is definitely demanding. I think only those who have experienced the ‘struggle’ really understand just how hard it is. It requires loads of patience, ambition, time-consciousness and a really strong support network. Without support, I’d have lost my sanity already. To be on your ‘A-game’ for business, you need to also enjoy your personal life. It’s a delicate balance that so many women juggle but I really believe that you need to sometimes stop, and enjoy what makes you happy.


Those special little moments with my boys, family and friends mean so much to me. They’re invaluable moments and make the work wins so much sweeter.


Since becoming a mum, I’ve learnt to back myself more. I really do believe in myself. Sometimes you really do need to just back yourself and go for it; don’t overthink. Trust your instincts and take opportunities; they’ll only come to you if you’re truly open to them.


For me, the fact that I really am passionate about the beauty industry has given me the drive I’ve needed to just go for it. It really does help if you actually like the field in which you work. It’s not just about making money – it’s about building confidence in my clients. Although it may sound somewhat corny, it really does spur me to keep growing professionally when my clients tell me I’ve helped to make them that little bit happier.


I am so proud of the fact that so much of my business’s success is due to word-of-mouth. I now have three clinics in New South Wales, with plans for further expansion in the near future. I am confident to expand because the foundations of The Cosmetic Lounge are so strong. The brand is built on a strong reputation of quality, honesty and ethical treatment. This reputation simply can’t be manufactured. It’s earned and this is a major business lesson I’ve learned and will continue to champion for the life of The Cosmetic Lounge. You can’t fake quality… especially not in the cosmetic injectables industry.


At the beginning of my career journey, I wish I knew to believe in myself more. At the beginning, I questioned my business savviness but I quickly discovered that providing quality service speaks volumes. As a business owner, I am an absolute stickler for quality. I demand it of myself and of my team and to be frank, since becoming a mum, I’ve been able to express that demand quite clearly… because I typically don’t have time to repeat myself!


Juggling mum life, treating patients as a cosmetic injector and being a business owner is hard. It just is – there’s no denying that but I’m up for the challenge and motherhood has helped to strengthen my mindset. I don’t sweat the small stuff as much as I used to. I focus on what’s important.


My top five tips for building a business as a mum are:

  1. Be super organized and task-focused to ensure you’re being as productive as possible.
  2. Find a support team and nurture that team – surrounding yourself with people who love and support you is crucial.
  3. Know when to switch roles. It’s a hard task to switch between business owner, wife and mother but knowing when to do it is an art form that you have to try and learn!
  4. Set aside some time for yourself! When running a business as a mum, it’s easy to forget about yourself. I do this often. Giving yourself “me time” is one of the ways I get to relax and then keep pushing forward.
  5. Delegate!!! I have learnt over time that it is important to take some of the pressure off of you by delegating tasks to others. Hiring and trusting people to help you get the job done is very important. Even super woman should have a sidekick – or a team of sidekicks!

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