The Struggle Is Real

Disclaimer – There is no advice being dished out here today. I’m working from home, dog at my feet, slipper socks on, comfy in trackies, make up free and wondering how I can still be at 54 unread emails, when I’ve been working so hard to get through them. I currently have 108 in my inbox. How on earth did this happen. I casually mentioned to my husband last night that I was proud I was only 5 days behind in my emails. He looked at me in all seriousness and said, “Are you joking?” Hmmm, no I wasn’t.

Ladies, having your own business is damn tough, but know this, we are in it together! You are not alone, we all have the same self-doubt, stress and the wtf am I doing moments. So, I’m sharing with you some of my “real” moments in business in the hopes it makes you laugh and think thank goodness, it’s not just me!

That time my daughter unfollowed a bunch of Instagram accounts

Yes, this is a true story and yes she knows how to unlock my phone and no I don’t know how she knows. But in true 3 year old style she managed to unfollow oh approximately 250 accounts we were following on our business account. To this day I don’t know what she did. Those little fingers move awfully fast.

When I was admitted to hospital with gastro the night before our first workshop

Well, you know why it was a bad time for me. But my poor business partner who was already cursing me for making her speak in public (she can thank me now and she is amazing) I remember sending her a photo at 4am and she replied with “where the f$%# are you?” It makes us laugh now. Oh, the benefits of having a business partner! Oh, and did I mention my daughter just turned 1, my husband was up North, none of my family were in Perth and my in laws were just about to leave to go down south for a wedding.

When I was on the phone interviewing for The Inside Story when my daughter was home…

My daughter was happily eating lunch whilst I was doing a quick interview and she suddenly ran in and yelled, “Mum, I need to poo.” End call.

The night I just gave in

It was 5pm the dog was hungry, the child was hungry, my husband was away, the phone was beeping, then ringing, dinner was on the stove, the child was in the fridge pulling everything out, the dog was trying to eat it all and well I simply gave up and went out and got takeaway. Why fight it.

When my pants ripped in the first 10 minutes of a strategy day

Ever since I had my daughter I love leggings, but I will never wear them with a certain pair of sandals I own again. Earlier this year I was attending a strategy day for the board I sit on and within 10 minutes of me sitting down, I went to cross my legs and my sandal buckle caught my leggings and tore them…up high.

I’ve also forgotten my underwear on an overnight work trip and overwritten many a template as I didn’t click save as. And I admit there are much worse and more hilarious things that have happened but I’m not sure they are safe for public knowledge. If you’re having a tough day, hit me up and I’d be happy to share them with you.

Keep going, you’re amazing.

PS. Yes, I’m late posting this blog as well, it’s been a hell of a day!

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