Tips to Organise Your Home Office

Trying to run a business from home can be convenient and challenging. The convenience is that you can throw a load of washing on while you wade through your daily task list, but this can also be detrimental, as it may take away your focus from really concentrating and giving your work 100%.

Taking timed scheduled breaks to attend to home matters may be the solution if you find yourself easily distracted. Not answering personal calls in your allocated work time and turning off email notifications can also assist with interruptions.

Being organised can be pivotal in keeping productivity at a peak and our top 5 suggestions are:

  • Paper – don’t print, file or keep unless absolutely necessary. Paper clutter is one of the top issues with our clients. Have a shredder and bin handy to ensure quick disposal of unwanted paperwork.
  • Storage – give everything a home and a label. This makes finding and returning items easy and keeps your space clutter free.  Clients report new business opportunities happen when they declutter.
  • Naming convention – store your digital files with a consistent reference system. Searching for saved documents will be a whole lot easier. Some of the abbreviations we use are CL for client, OF for office, MK for marketing, SUP for supplier. Always include date format in the reverse “190131” so you can locate newest versions quickly.
  • Drop Zone – having somewhere near your bag to place all the items you need to take with you when you go out, preferably contained to save dropping or missing anything. If you can’t place the item in this spot, put your keys next to whatever you want to remember.
  • Clear desk – aim to have it clear at the end of each day so starting work the next day doesn’t begin with overwhelm. At the very least neat piles will give you the sense of organisation and control.

Spend some time getting your office organised to ensure you’re productive going forward.


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