Using Colour to Dress More Mindfully

Colour is a powerful mindful styling tool. You can use colour in your outfits to express your creative side and show who you are. You can also use colour in a strategic manner i.e. in a way that helps you to be perceived in a particular way by those around you (think coworkers, bosses, your social networks, audience, even children and pets).

Having an awareness of what each colour typically means will empower you to dress more mindfully. When you are more conscious of what colours to wear and when, you can dress in a way that is more authentic to who you are and more reflective of how you want to feel. You can also use this awareness to dress in a way that helps you to be viewed in the right way by the right people (depending upon the situation you are dressing for).

So, whilst different colours mean different things to each and every one of us, there are some common themes around the world about what colours typically mean. I have listed some* of these meanings for you using keywords for common colours (some of them may surprise you). Why keywords you ask? Because it’ll be way easier for your brain to memorise and remember. I want this to be quick and easy for you to access, not to bore you to death!

Anyway, this guide is here for you to refer to and utilise as you please, so feel free to print it out and stick it up inside your wardrobe for easy reference.


Self-knowledge. Awareness. Spirituality. Inner strength. Wisdom. Privilege. Mobility.


Trust. Communication. Decisiveness. Loyalty. Inspiration. Caring. Serenity. Immortality.


Love. Self-love. Peace. Harmony. Balance. Generosity. Nature. Understanding. New life. Hope.


Clarity. Self-esteem. Confidence. Good humour. Optimism. Intellect. Curiosity. Happiness.


Success. Self-respect. Freedom. Resourcefulness. Enthusiasm. Energy. Sociable. Self-assured.


Self-awareness. Stability. Power. Vitality. Courage. Self-confidence. Survival. Spontaneity.


Feminine. Nurturing. Caring. Romance. Love. Trust. Calm. Relaxation. Happiness. Playful.


Purity. Humility. Innocence. Birth. Morality. Spirituality. Faith. New beginnings. Goodness.


Age. Wisdom. Power. Clarity. Mourning. Apathy. Strength. Formal. Elegant. Authority.


Grounding. Stability. Earthiness. Warmth. Honesty. Home. Healing. Foundations. Security.

I trust that this knowledge will empower you to dress in a more mindfully stylish way!

*The reason that I wanted to specify that I have only included some and not all meanings, is because in many cases, different cultures around the world view the same colour as having completely different, even opposing meaning. Sometimes these meanings can be counterintuitive to what you might have grown up to believe a certain colour represents. There is no right or wrong. It just means that in certain situations you may need to do a little more research. Ultimately, it’s important to be mindful of who you are dressing for (yourself or others, or both) and why (what’s the occasion/the outcome that you want to achieve). Then use this knowledge to exercise your own judgement to decide what colour to wear, so that you can be perceived in the way that you want to be perceived 🙂

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