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We often get bogged down by our everyday life, business, busyness and the same daily grind. Sometimes we need a breath of fresh air, time to reflect and to help us to be inspired, uplift us and to help connect us to others.

And here is just that…3 storytellers who are each sharing good news stories in their own way.

True Life Stories TV

True Life Stories connects hearts through the power of storytelling. They challenge traditional media influence by giving hope and insight through an energetic platform of personal documentary. The heart-child of Annie Gichuru, she believes stories are the cornerstone of who we are.

Series One – The Power of Hope – launched in the weekend, with the first episode, Rishelle’s Story. Fortnightly on a Saturday a new episode will air on their website and Youtube Channel.

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Inspired believes that what you focus on is what you get – so it’s well worth filling your head with the good stuff. They write the stories of the game changers, eco-warriors, growth gurus, peace makers – everyday people who have pushed aside their fears, stepped up and taken action for a cause in which they believe. Each fortnight Inspired features a long-form feature story about someone inspiring.

Samille Mitchell is the founder/dreamer/chief storyteller, an established travel writer, journalist and magazine editor, she started Inspired to be reminded of all that is good, wondrous, beautiful in our world.

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Inspired Stories Out Loud

Stories Out Loud is a short documentary web series, designed to tell the story of people who contribute to their community, organisations and businesses in ways that matter and take courage. The series illuminates ideas, momentum & change in our community.

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Stories Out Loud

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