Ways To Up Your Social Media Game

Social Media, one of the biggest tactics you can implement into your marketing strategy and also the hardest to master. Not only does it consume so much of our personal time already, we now need to make it work for our business.

I have lost count how many times we get asked by business owners how they can improve a particular social media platform as it just doesn’t seem to be working for their business. Let me clarify that there really is no quick fix BUT it can be easy if you really understand the platform, your fans and why they’re following you.

So how can you up your social media game and start taking your pages/feeds to the next level…I’ll share some tips below;

  1. Stick to platforms where your target audience hangs out and delete the others. Yes you heard right, delete them! If your target audience aren’t on twitter then there is absolutely no point posting to the platform. Once you understand who your audience is you will then know how to reach them.
  2. It’s all about the images (and video). You need compelling images and engaging videos. Take the time to plan out the photos you will use on each social platform and ensure the lighting is good, the image is clear and will stop people mid scroll so they read what you’re putting out there. Add captions to your video where possible and ensure the sound is clear.
  3. Take time to think through your hashtags (Instagram and Twitter – this is for you only). Research the hashtags you will use in each of your posts so you can be sure to reach the right types of people. When it comes to Instagram, add your hashtags to the comments and you can include up to 30 per post BUT make sure you only use hashtags that are relevant to that specific post (along with your branded hashtags such as your business name).
  4. Post quality content that your fans what to see from you. Don’t just put a post up because you need to fill the spot. If you don’t have something compelling and interesting to post then just leave it. In saying that, you still should post daily as a generalisation across the social platforms. Plan out your posts so you know what types of content you need to collect and prepare. For example, know what blogs you’re writing so you know when to post them on Facebook and Twitter and plan photo shoots to ensure you get that great photo to support your post for Instagram.
  5. Pay attention to your Insights and look at the content people are engaging with so you know what is and isn’t working. There is absolutely no point investing time into social media posts if you don’t know if they’re working or not. Each platform has its own analytics – Facebook being the best for reporting. Have a look into each platforms reporting and see what content your fans are engaging with and what they aren’t. If you have posts that aren’t working or getting engagement – try changing them up or stopping them altogether.

We recently spoke with Jade Smith, Owner of Salon Sugar in Bunbury and asked her how she successfully grew a great following and engaging Instagram feed. Salon Sugar, is an award winning beauty salon and has over 10K followers on Instagram. The one thing Jade she said was that she took the time to plan out her posts and didn’t just post any picture. She chose a theme and style for her feed and made sure every picture she posted was on brand and compelling. Jade also used a variety of hashtags that she knew her target audience were searching for.

I know I’ve said it before, there is no trick to mastering social media. You need to invest time and energy into making it work for you and you will up your game! More specifically, if you need advice of how to Boost Facebook Engagement click here.

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