Wellness Hacks for Busy Women

Hands up who skips breakfast or doesn’t set aside anytime for selfcare? As busy women, we often put our needs last, which unfortunately includes our health and wellness. As an entrepreneur if we go down, the ship goes down. That’s why its so important to take the time to care for yourself. (even if it’s 5 minutes)

We know that sometimes its easier said than done, so here are a few hacks to help you.

Schedule your Time – and we mean all of your time!

Seriously, put everything in your diary. Whether it’s a 30 minute walk every day or 3 times a week, your lunch break or just 10 minutes break between meetings…schedule it! If it’s in your diary you are more likely to stick to the schedule.

We all have a working capacity, be with 60, 90 or 120 minutes, everyone is different. Work out what yours is and make sure you have a break in between. Don’t go scheduling back to back meetings as you’ll be drained and don’t schedule them during lunch…you need to refuel!

Make Breakfast Easy

The morning hustle, getting yourself ready, kids ready, feeding the pets…from the moment you wake up it can be go, go go. And the one thing we generally skip is breakfast! There is an amazing product Morning Mojo Smoothies, that are frozen, ready to blend smoothies that contain wholefoods and superfoods. Simply add your base like coconut water and blend! Who doesn’t have time to do that! And you know that you are starting the day nutritionally on top.

Fitness Apps

It can be a challenge to fit in a workout every day. There are so many apps out there that makes it super easy. Our go to is Down Dog, a yoga app that lets you choose your level as well as workout time from 10 mins up. A perfect way to start the day or decompress at the end of a big one.

Mobile Everything

Need a massage? Check! Need your waxing done? Check! How about a spray tan? Check! We try to cram so much in that there isn’t much time for our “upkeep”. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t feel more relaxed after a massage or have more confidence with their hair done.

There are some great Perth businesses offering mobile services, that come at a time that suits you…yes even late at night! 

When you’re the best version of yourself you have a tonne more energy and your mind is sharper. So please take the time to look after yourself…your business will thank you for it.

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