What to do if You’re Feeling Burnt Out 

When it gets towards the end of the year, I think everyone has that little burnt out feeling and is ready for a break. The festive season is definitely a great way to stop and recharge the batteries. But what happens when that isn’t enough or you start to feel burnt out during the year?

Owning and running your business can easily become all consuming and take its toll. The key is to be aware of the symptoms before burn out takes control.


  1. Do you feel lost or detached with your work?

If you don’t have the motivation like you used to or the passion if you continue to work at a hectic pace it will just lead to resentment.

Stop and remember the why. Why you started your business in the first place and take time to nurture yourself. Your business isn’t going to end if you take time out for a 30-minute walk. I find these small things help to clear the mind.


  1. Procrastinating?

Putting off that task for days and days? Everyone has the urge to procrastinate at some time. Try focusing on just one project for the meantime.

It also may mean you need to take a look at your priorities.


  1. Make Changes

Towards the end of last year I was feeling lost with my business and wasn’t getting the usual enjoyment from it. I identified it was certain areas that were making me feel this way. Namely larger clients who made me feel like I was back in the corporate world and I didn’t have a connection with.

What did I do? I parted ways with them. (and said goodbye to a decent amount of monthly income!) But you know what. I couldn’t be happier. Almost immediately the anxiety lifted and my passion returned. In 2019 I’m once again excited and ready to build my business the way I want to.


  1. Hire Help

Yes, this is budget permitting. The of the first things I outsource in my business was Bookkeeping. It was a task I always put off and for a small monthly fee, I now have this taken care off.

There are some great overseas VA options as well. People that are skilled at what they do for a fraction of the cost you pay here. And before you start comments about the hourly rate they are paid, I worked in the Philippines for 3 years and the economy is very different to ours. A rate of $8-$10 hour is actually a good pay.

Having a business can be madness, so many things to do and not enough time. It’s really important to find ways to restore your energy. I decided a few months ago I didn’t want to work weekends anymore, it was too draining and I had serious FOMO.


Don’t let burn out take a hold. Go and smell the roses. (ok I really meant go and drink a Rose, ok Mojito)


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