What’s On Her Desk

Have you ever looked at your desk (in all its messiness or order!) and wondered what other female entrepreneurs have on their desks at home and what they look like? Well we have!

Here, four female entrepreneurs share with us what’s on their desk.


Rachel Boros – Founder & Owner of SB Creations

Rachel is a Freelance Writer, Proof reader and Virtual Assistant…assisting others we’re sure her desk is neat as a pin!

What 5 things do you need on your desk?

Computer, notepad/post its, pen, cup of tea, To Do List

What’s the oddest thing on your desk?

Hmmmm. I don’t have much on my desk as I am a neat-freak! But I do have a giant “Friends” mug that I’ve had for many years – it’s exactly like the ones from the coffee shop in Friends… I’ve always loved that show! I just keep little bits and bobs in it like paper clips etc!

Is it tidy or messy and does this affect your work environment?

Tidy! I love a tidy desk & home and feel I work better this way. I am a very organised person and as such, my desk reflects this. A quick 2-minute tidy up every working day plus once a week I dust, wipe and vacuum the desk area, and get rid of unnecessary paperwork etc.

What’s one thing you wished you had on your desk

Glass (or bottle) of wine?! Box of chocolates?! Haha! Actually, I’d like some fresh flowers.

 Rachel Boros desk-SB Creations-female entrepreneur australia Rachel Boros desk-female entrepreneur australia-SB Creations

Nicole Canning – Cannect Communications

Nicole Canning-Cannect Communications-female entrepreneur australia

When she’s not tidying her desk or writing To Do lists, Nicole runs her own health and wellness marketing consultancy. Nicole also works part time as a Les Mills group fitness instructor and loves all things fitness, food, and fur baby related.

What 5 things do you need on your desk?

My mouse. It sounds like such a normal thing, but if you’ve ever tried designing anything with a touch pad you’ll know how important this one is.  My diary. As much as I love Google calendar, there’s something about a hard copy diary that I can’t get enough of. I use it to write down little tasks I want to achieve each day that aren’t on Google. My notebook. I use this book to write down notes whenever I meet with clients or have video calls. If you opened it you probably could read a single word of it, but it’s crazy how much it comes in handy. My To Do list. Yep, I am THAT person. Just in case using Google calendar and a diary wasn’t enough for me to keep track of things I also have my To Do list note pad where I write down all of the other tasks or things I want to do that don’t yet have a time/date they need to be finished by. I find writing them down helps me remember them – plus there’s no better feeling than being able to tick in that little box when something’s done. My plant. I’m becoming addicted haha.

What’s the oddest thing on your desk?

My gemstones. They’re not really odd, but special and different nonetheless. A friend of mine gave them to me for Christmas and I’ve decided to keep them on my desk. They all represent different things and have a unique meaning. There’s one for support and encouragement, one for creativity and energy, one for balance and abundance, and one for optimism and acceptance.

Is it tidy or messy and does this affect your work environment

I’m a bit of a neat freak so I generally try and keep it tidy all the time, though this can be a blessing and a curse! Lately I’ve been doing a course so some days my desk has been completely covered in paper and notes. I then find myself spending more time organising the papers than actually reading them – not always ideal, especially when I’m short of time. Overall though I find keeping my desk clean and tidy helps me to feel like I’m on top of things and give me space to think.

What’s one thing you wished you had on your desk

I wish I had a piece of artwork or a vision board above my desk. We aren’t allowed to hang anything up where we are renting and it kills me because I love colour and wish I had something inspiring to look at instead of the blank wall.

 Nicole Canning Cannect Communications - female entrepreneur australia

Jacqui Alder – Founder of Clarity Simplicity Success

Jacqui Alder – female entrepreneur australia

Jacqui is an internationally experienced executive, consultant, and coach, and Clarity Simplicity Success is her love project.

What 5 things do you need on your desk

  • Post-It notes
  • Post-It notes again
  • A non-digital information storage repository. Also known as my ideas journal, which I carry in a red Kikki K cover. It’s a visual art diary because I don’t like lines, and yes that’s big clue about my personality.  If you look in it, you’ll see mind maps, draft blog articles, and some cryptic meeting notes. Oh, and Post-It notes of course.
  • My weekly planner. I get pads of these from Kikki K or Typo.  On Sunday evenings I use them to plan out the week ahead. Some weeks I even refer to them. Mostly, I find that once I’ve planned the week, I don’t need to refer to it again. This routine helps me de-clutter my brain and focus on what’s important. I’ll keep a months’ worth and review them at the end of the month to see if I missed something important. I don’t sweat about not having done everything I planned. Instead, I ask myself, ‘Is that still important?’ If it is, I reschedule it, and check in with myself to see if I was being avoidant and why.
  • A copy of the CSS journal. Because it’s the heart of my business and a personal cause at the same time. I often refer to a blank copy when I’m writing. I have my own copy which I’m working through. I never write in that one when I’m in the office or work mode. My personal copy sits on the reading table in my front room or comes with me when I’m planning to use it.

What’s the oddest thing on your desk?

At the moment it’s a pair of white cotton gloves. I wear these when I handle a journal that I’m sending to a customer to ensure they receive a pristine copy.

Is it tidy or messy and does this affect your work environment?

My desk is tidy for now. It varies from tidy to messy. When my desk is messy it does impede my focus and productivity. Once it gets to a certain level of messiness, I have a big tidy up. Often, the clean-up is triggered when my husband makes a comment about it – not because he’s a nag, but because he knows me so well. After my desk has been tidied it gradually gets messier, then I repeat the cycle. I’ve always been this way and have accepted that’s how I am.

What’s one thing you wished you had on your desk.

A print out of a corporate order for multiple copies of the journal. I got my first corporate order before Christmas but need one more as the next few months are make or break for me.

Jacqui Alder – Founder of Clarity Simplicity Success - female entrepreneur australia

Kristy Morton – Kristy Morton Consulting & B-Directory

Kristy Morton operates Kristy Morton Consulting, a web development consultancy based in Perth and specialises in Word Press sites, SEO and Google Analytics. She is also the Co-Founder of B-Directory.

What 5 things do you need on your desk?

Diary, monitor, pens, water bottle, diffuser

What’s the oddest thing on your desk?

There is always one “odd” thing from around the house on my desk, placed there by one of my girls when they come in to see me. In this picture it’s a tiny screw. No idea where it came from. Also, it’s not odd, but I generally have a picture one of them has drawn and dropped off to me at some point. Today’s pic is a whale – very cute.

Is it tidy or messy and does this affect your work environment?

Always tidy. I cannot cope if it’s messy! When my desk is disorganised, I feel the same way – so if it gets out of hand I do a quick tidy up before I start work.

What’s one thing you wished you had on your desk?

This is a good question…I think at the moment I’d like a plant on my desk, I’ve never had success with plants in the past however last year I made an agreement with myself that if I could keep one plant alive for 3 months I could get another 1 – I now have 4 indoor plants that are all thriving, so my desk could be the next place for one!

Kristy Morton Consulting-B-Directory-female entrepreneur-australia


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