Why Boundaries In Business Are A Must

Are you a “yes” person? When someone asks you to coffee to pick your brain, it’s a yes. When you’re roped into doing a project you don’t really want to do, it’s a yes. When a client keeps adding work that wasn’t in the original scope, it’s a yes.

All those yeses affect you! And it’s time to get more comfortable with saying no.

“Boundaries aren’t ultimatums, they’re negotiations.”


Communication Boundaries

You can’t be available to everyone, everywhere and all the time. People pleasing burns you out, so ensure you don’t set the precedent of being available 24/7.

Think about what your boundaries are when it comes to communication. What social channels are you available on to communicate and what’s your preferred method of communication?

“Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind”- Brene Brown


Client Boundaries

To have a great relationship with a client, you need to set boundaries and set the precedent from the beginning. When you can’t set boundaries, people take advantage of that.

Here are some ways to set boundaries with your clients…and be very cleat with these.

  • What happens when clients no show? Do you charge them a no show fee or make them forfeit that session?
  • Do you have a cancellation clause in your client agreement and a reschedule policy?
  • Scope creep? Argh! Ensure you layout every single thing you’re delivering to them. No one likes to hear “oh there’s just one more thing”.

No one in business is truly available 24/7 and nor should they be. So next time you have a new client DO NOT say “here’s my number, I’m available 24/7”.

I get it…setting boundaries can make you feel uncomfortable and you begin to doubt yourself.  And it isn’t always easy. But when we are very clear with our communication and what our expectations are, then less issues arise.

Set boundaries from the start.

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