Why I Don’t Want to Work Weekends

I recently decided I didn’t want to work weekends anymore. As one of my businesses enters it’s fourth year, I have found that over the past 3 months my mindset has changed. I have realised I need to work smarter and more efficiently rather that for longer periods.

When you have a business and it is in the start up phase, it is a given that you need to put in the long hours and the hard work. Business success doesn’t happen overnight and it also doesn’t happen if you aren’t willing to put in the effort.

Ok so even though I admit I am writing this on a Sunday night, it is the first time I’ve opened my laptop to do any work and it has been great! And you know why? Simply because I have a system in place that works for me.

Here’s a little of what I did this weekend.

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Plan your week

On a Sunday arvo I will take an hour to tidy up the study (I don’t know how but by the end of the week it’s a mess!), look at my diary (I’m old school and have a Kikki K planner), write out my week for my husband and put it on the fridge so he knows when I will be home late and when he has kindy pick up etc, email Lauren my Marketing Assistant and tell her my whereabouts for the week.

Once I’ve done this, I feel ready for the week!

Schedule your days

I got this tip from a podcast I love – Biz Chix with Natalie Eckdahl about scheduling your month. I have modified it a bit and have a sheet in the front of my planner with the days of the week and what work I do each day. This is set the same for every week.

For example on a Thursday I have client work (just one on a Thursday) and then Behind the Brands and Gloss Marketing work. On a Friday for example this is my “catch up” day set aside for admin, research, on going learning or if I haven’t got all my work done that week.

The specific tasks are in Asana, but I find it beneficial to each day look at my weekly overview and then systematically work through the tasks.

By using Asana I can see my workload and then schedule meetings around that.

Limit Meetings

Too many meetings during the week = no time to get my work done! I have got good at saying NO! My first rule is I contain meetings to one day a week. If I schedule a meeting in and set it for say a Tuesday, then if someone requests a meeting that week I only offer the Tuesday up. Or push it to the following week.

If someone asks to pick your brain, say no…or let them know what your hourly consulting rate is. 😊

Get used to saying NO!

As women we so often find it difficult so say no, as we naturally want to please. But how is this helping us if we say yes to every request?

When I have a request to meet or catch up, I ask myself, “How could this help me in my business, would it be beneficial?” and if the answer is yes, then I accept the request to meet. If the answer is no, I decline.

And I have learnt also not to feel compelled to give a reason why, that is to explain myself.

Remember…when you say yes to something it means you are saying no to something else.

Everyone is busy. Everyone is good at being busy. I never tell people I am too busy to do something, as if it’s a priority then I will make time for it. And if it’s not a priority then I simply won’t.

I’ve done my Sunday thing…now I’m going to watch Netflix.

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