Why You Need A Business BFF

Have you got a business bestie? Someone who knows pretty much the ins and outs of your business and who you ALWAYS call for a chat or advice, or event to vent?

Being in business can be lonely and it sure as heck isn’t glamourous as it can be portrayed. However, it doesn’t mean you have to go through everything by yourself! A business BFF can be your accountability partner, sounding board, and someone who is always there to jump in and support you 100%


How is it different from having a real-life bestie?

Our best friend always wants the best for us and is there for us during our highs and lows. But sometimes, our real-life bestie doesn’t know or understand our business so they won’t have a real interest in it when we need to talk about our business. The best they can do is to listen and support our decisions.

On the other hand, a business bestie is someone who shares your passion and can help you in your strategies. If your real-life BFF is also your business BFF, lucky you!


Benefits of having a business BFF

A business bestie is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Not only do they help you grow your business, but they are very reliable friends and partners as well.

  • They help with your SEO by supporting your business presence on social media
  • They help you brainstorm for new ideas
  • A great support system to help you make it through tough times
  • As your accountability partner, they help stay focused on your goals and plans
  • They understand what you go through
  • You can depend on them for collaboration

I love my business BFF – I have called her crying when it all felt like it was too much, I’ve leaned on her to help out in the business when circumstances took me away from it, she has been there to celebrate the wins with me, we’ve called each other late at night and on the weekend – because she gets what it’s like being in business!

And if anything was to happen to either of us that took us out of action in the business, we each have emergency access to each other’s passwords and have a contingency plan in place that we know to roll out. That’s how much we trust each other. We’re ready to step in for each other.


How do you find your very own business bestie?

Your business bestie acts as your sense of reason, and you don’t even need to be in the same industry! As long as you’re like-minded entrepreneurs who are goals driven and aim to excel in your respective field, that’s all that matters.

  • Look at your existing network. It can be in your networking groups on social media and real life or in your community. Is there anyone you gravitate towards or feel a strong like-minded connection with? Don’t rush into finding one immediately just because. It has to be the right fit and it most often naturally happens.
  • No strings attached. The best business besties have a genuine friendship and don’t just talk business all the time. Never go with a personal agenda or try to leverage someone as a business BFF. Remember that you are helping each other out of genuine concern and because you want to celebrate each other’s successes.


What can you do with your business BFF?

With a shared passion and an understanding of each other’s entrepreneurial journey, there’s just so much you can work on together that will be beneficial to both your businesses.

  • Share knowledge and skills. Let’s say your business BFF is good at SEO, while you are good at creating social media posts. You can figure out each other’s strengths and share trade tips and secrets, or even teach each other what you are best at.
  • Boost engagement. You and your business BFF can like and comment on each other’s social media posts. This can help with boosting engagement and SEO.
  • Exchange products and services. Doing a product and service swap is a good opportunity to let them review your products and give honest feedback before you launch something new.
  • Set goals. Having an accountability partner is great since you have someone to check in on you and your progress towards your business goals. Set realistic and actionable goals together and help each other come up with strategies and adjustments.

So, who do you have in mind?

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